Fabric Painting: The Apple

On Saturday, May 29 I spent the day at a fabric painting workshop with Ana Buzzalino which was put on by the Lakeside Quilters Guild in Chestermere.  I had the most fabulous day with the ladies there as well as learning from the amazing Ana.

The class today was on painting an apple onto a 12×12 piece that could be quilted and put on a the wall – which is what I’m planning to do with it.

Ana is an amazing teacher.  She is patient, kind, and encouraging – everything you want in a teacher…well I do anyways.

She started with the basics of what we were doing and would do class demos on the piece.  For example when she was showing us how to paint the leaves she called us all over and she showed us the techniques to paint the leaves and blend and mix the different shades of green.  As we worked she wandered around giving us suggestions and at times stepping in to offer helpful suggestions and tips on technique.

These are my first layers on the leaves.  Funny, looking at them in a picture, they don’t look too bad, but at the time when I was working on them, they didn’t look blended at all.  You might be able to see that on the fabric, with pencil is the outline of the apple with the leaves and branch.

I found it helpful to take pictures of my work to get a different perception of the work.

At this point, I went and had lunch and took a little bit of break.  I was stressed out at first for sure.  After I finished drawing my apple and leaves onto the fabric I sat for a long time with a dry brush practicing because I was freaked out to put paint on the fabric and make a mistake.  After this point I was starting to settle in, however the next step was the apple.

This is my apple after much blending.  I think it looks like an apple that comes off my parent’s apple trees.  Next step…stem, cleaning up the leaves and the veins.

The veins were challenging because it was hard to get the right color to use for them.  The final color took about 10 times to get right.

Learned Today:

You have to work really quickly in some areas when painting with fabric paint otherwise you’ll have harsh lines.



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2 responses to “Fabric Painting: The Apple

  1. jdpauls

    wow! all she could say was wow! i love the colors and the shape. when you said fabic painting, i thought it was going to be a few swirls of color and ta da, not a masterpiece. you are so talented. you should feel so pleased with the project and so proud of your accomplishment.

  2. Nathan

    Nice apple.

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