Day Book #20


June 6, 2010

Outside My Window…

I am pleased to report that the sun is shining.  We enjoyed the sun and the high teen weather.  It was lovely.

I am thinking…

Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. – Abraham Lincoln

Isn’t that an interesting thing to say?  Are the people who are the happiest people the ones who decide to happy?  And for those who are well unhappy, do they decide to be that way?  Why would someone decide to be miserable?

I am thankful for…

A sunny afternoon.

From the kitchen…

There are 50 or so cupcakes that have caved in on themselves sitting in tupperware containers.  There will be an upcoming post about this debacle.

I am wearing…

a white tee shirt, stripped socks and some capri pants.  It was 18 degrees today.

I am creating…

My summer calendar.  My goodness I’ve signed up for a quite a few classes.

I am going…

To cross my fingers, pray like there is no tomorrow and hope the dream job comes up.

I am reading…

The Pilot’s Wife. I should be reading the next Book Club book, but I started it and I put it down, ‘nough said.

I am hoping…

See I’m Going…

I am hearing…

Oprah’s voice, Nate is watching the LIFE documentary on Discovery Channel.

Around the house…

There isn’t too much going on.  Stuff is put away, it is clean as a whistle and feels really nice to be in.

One of my favorite things…

A soothing tea with a touch of cream and sugar – yes I know I pollute my tea, sew what!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…

Retirements, rehearsals, rest.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Today we took a wonderful walk in Fish Creek Park.  This Mallard was playing in a little creek in Bebo Grove.



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4 responses to “Day Book #20

  1. Nathan

    I hope you get your dream job too. Nice picture of the duck.

    • Jen

      Thanks Nate. Today we might find out a bit more about where things are sitting. Thanks. I waited a long time to get that picture of the duck.

  2. Wasn’t that Oprah as narrator odd? I don’t know why, but I found it odd!

    And on happy… I definitely think choosing to be happy helps actually be happy. I’ve been accused of being negative in my life, but I’ve made a conscious effort to choose to be happy and it really is helping. In time it becomes second nature, not an effort.

    • Jen

      It was totally odd, maybe it is the tone of her voice, it just didn’t fit the documentary, maybe it was part of the script that didn’t fit her either. I don’t know. Planet Earth to me was much more interesting.
      I appreciate very much you sharing the happiness “thing” with me. It is nice to hear others perspectives on it. I’m going to try my darnest to make happy choices. I should make a Happiness Challenge. I’ll think about it.

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