The Cupcake Debacle

Once upon a time there was a girl named Jen.  She teaches school, junior high to be exact, and what subject you might ask, band, of all things.  This year she is at a new school and is teaching with a friend of hers, someone she has known since she was in the eighth grade.

This year the two ambitious teachers decided to take all three performing groups to the band festival.  While at festival Jen’s friend suggested to the students that if they were able to do seven things and have the judges comment on them they would get points, and if they got more points than they did the teachers would bake them cupcakes.

The first two groups did not get enough points.  The last group won a gold award, a very high honor, but even they did not get enough points the principal of the school promised them that we would bake them the cupcakes.

Since the month of March there hasn’t been a lot of time to make all these cupcakes, so the two teachers have been putting them off.  Jen has been secretly hoping that they would in fact forget….they didn’t.

So the weekend of June 5, Jen decided to try and make these cupcakes, 90 of them.  Things were going ok too.  She bought cake mix to make the base and had planned to make a buttercream icing from scratch to top them.  Early on Saturday morning she started baking.  The mix, that should have made 90 cupcakes easily, was mixed and being put in the cupcakes wrappers.  At a little after 8:30 she pulled out the first batch.  She waited patiently for them to cool before putting them on her cooling rack.  After a bit she was ready and began pulling the cupcakes out, but to her dismay the tops were coming off the cupcakes and the bottoms were staying in.  Out of her first batch only 5 survived in tact.  She kept trying, and trying, but after 45 cupcakes, no more batter, frustration and over 1/2 with no tops, she stopped.  There might have been tears involved, but she will never tell.

As you can see her cupcakes, whose icing didn’t work either, are coming apart.  On Sunday morning, when she looked at the cupcakes, she discovered that they had collapsed.

But because Jen is lucky enough to have a wonderful husband, who suggested to her , after 4 hours of frustration, that they would go to the store and buy the cupcakes instead.  So that is what she did.

Dear Reader,

If you care to induldge me, I would like to share with you the next chapter of the story. 

This morning Jen got up, after not too many hours of sleep, and got herself ready for work.  She  carefully packed the cupcakes, 8 dozen, into her Element, whose name is Clement.  She drove extra careful today around corners and even pulled over at one time to readjust the tiny cakes of goodness.  When she got to her school she thought, of course a bit disallusioned, that she had made it safe and sound.  She got out of her side, opened the other door to be attacked by a flying dozen white cupcakes that jumped out at her and landed, of course, face down in the parking lot with the lid WIDE OPEN.  She lost another 12.  She has been, during her only prep, headed back to the grocery story and picked up a replacement box. 

The moral of the story…. there are two in fact.  First NEVER buy packaged cake mix, if you have Jen’s luck it will NEVER TURN OUT.  And I mean that, it has NEVER turned out.  Second, if you promise kids food, promise them something like a pizza party, or baking them cookies, or buying them donuts, but never again CUPCAKES!



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2 responses to “The Cupcake Debacle

  1. Nathan

    Nathan noticed your use of the third person perspective. He also feels bad about the cupcake debacle.

    • Jen

      Nate you missed the whole idea here, I was a narrator telling the story. I appreciate your help with the cupcakes. The kids have now taken them all and I don’t even have to look at them again.

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