Mail Call

I’m feeling very discouraged right now.  We are going onto our second week of rain, which seems to alternate between light and extremely heavy and all this gray, wetness doesn’t exactly help anyones mood.

In the last couple of days I’ve interviewed for a couple of teaching positions that would start in September as I will be done my temporary contract in a couple of weeks.  There was one in particular that I was extremely hopeful for.  For the first time I felt comfortable in my interview, they even complemented me on how well I did, but alas I got the call yesterday that they had decided to go with a brand new teacher to rebuild their band program rather than me, a teacher of 5 years with a bit of experience in that area.

I’m at a loss now for a lot of things and naturally questioning my abilities.  I don’t know what to do as there was very little even offered this year for positions.  Another summer in limbo.

I wasn’t quite sure what would get me out of this funk, not much as.  Yesterday I didn’t want to do anything, yes I’m one of those people who sink in greyness, I didn’t want to read, write, sew, play or listen to music.  I just wanted to be a bump on the sofa eating chocolate (yet to my dismay, no chocolate was found in the house).  I did however get a notice that I had a package to pick up from the post office.

You see during the summer I signed up for quite a few sewing classes, everything from quilts, pajamas, jackets, and hand embroidery.  I ordered quite a few of my materials online simply because in some instance I was looking for specific lines that I was unable to find in the stores.  So when I received my letter about a package on I was a bit pessimistic because I had only gotten their confirmation on June 10 that is was in the mail.  I have gotten nothing from the states that has come that quickly.

I went to the post office with notice in hand not sure what was coming my way.  Then she brought out the GIANT box.

I knew immediately it was from the FABRIC SHACK. I was so surprised that it arrived so quickly.  It was so exciting that it cheered me right up, for a time being at least.

My box was packed full with all this beautiful fabric.  I spent the next few minutes, alright quite a while actually, sorting it all out.

The overview of all the fabric in my living room
The reproductions

The Batiks with some Freebird/Life Is… in the bottom left


Tomorrow I will share with you what the plan is for each of the fabrics…..



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4 responses to “Mail Call

  1. Nat

    Jen it sounds like it’s been a tough few days..hang in there, you will find something!! You are very talented and so hardworking! (They probably hired the newbie so they could pay her less) It will be their loss. Wanna go for ice cream sometime??
    p.s. did you get my text?

    • Jen

      Thanks Nat. I appreciate all you said. I did get your text, thank you, sorry I didn’t respond yet. I would love to go for ice cream. Lets see what we can arrange.

  2. That sucks about the job. Really sucks.
    But wow, that is quite the haul! I always try to keep my US orders smaller so they fit in envelopes and therefore skip duty and GST.

    • Jen

      It totally sucks about the job. As mentioned I am at a total loss of what went down. I guess it is something I will never know.
      My haul is quite a scene though. For how much was in the box the duty was surprising small, I’ve had smalled boxes and envelopes be way more. There is some great stuff in there forsure.

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