Day Book # 22


June 20, 2010

Outside My Window…

SUN AGAIN!  I can’t believe it myself.  How wonderful is this?

I am thinking…

School is almost over, so now what?

I am thankful for…

A husband who is strong and will lift the heavy stuff when friends move.

From the kitchen…

The counters are cleared, meaning no more dreadful cupcakes.

I am wearing…

Weekend Attire, just waiting to get dressed to be honest.

I am creating…

A pair of pajama pants today at my sewing class.  Can’t wait.

I am going…

To make it through my last week with students.  It is going to be crazy busy.

I am reading…

Wolf Hall. I’m actually listening to it, not reading it.  I was confused when the author had 8 male characters and she kept saying, He said, he said, he said…..which he said what?

I am hoping…

That we will have sun for the first day of summer tomorrow.

I am hearing…

Let me outline the story here….Nate and I were holding hands.

“Nate, you have a rough part on your hands.  I thought you said you had delicate office hands”
“I do, I’m like an orchid, so delicate and fragile.”

“So is that why you are wearing a sleep mask to bed now”

“Yes, because my eye lids are thin, the light gets through them easily.”

“Oh of course, thin skin.  How I did not think of that myself is beyond me.”

– I’m rolling my eyes now as I recall this.

Around the house…

Molly is wandering and Nate is selecting which movies to PVR as he tells me about his lounging under the umbrella this afternoon.

One of my favorite things…

Those nachos and cheese sauce you get at sporting events.  Oh my word is it good, but horribly bad for you.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…


Here is picture thought I am sharing…

This is Leonard Island.  Nate lived on this island when he was younger on the light house.



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2 responses to “Day Book # 22

  1. Nathan

    Sometimes I don’t sound very manly when you quote me.

    • Jen

      Even though you are sitting right in front of me here is my reply. I “suppose” you don’t sound manly, but I only use the comments that you have said out loud in front of other people, since they are out in the public already I figure it doesn’t hurt. love you.

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