The Summer of Jen

Alright I borrowed the name from the Seinfeld episode with the “SUMMER OF GEORGE”  If you remember it is the episode where George is receives a large severance package from the New York Yankees, enough to last him about 3 months so he decides to take the summer off and declares it the summer of George.

Well, I don’t get three months off, but I do have two, and I am not receiving a severance package from the New York Yankees, though that would be neat to work for them as they are my favorite team (I’m not afraid to admit it either!).  As a school teacher we do “technically” have two months off in the summer time, but I don’t know a lot of teachers who sit around and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING during that time.  Some are prepping for the next school year; some are learning new (sometimes boring) curriculums that they have to teach; some are moving to new schools and having to reorganize classrooms or clean them for the very first time; some are trying to get their strength back or voices; some are catching up on all the appointments that they didn’t do during the school year; and some just can’t get enough of school so they teach summer school, English overseas, or at camps.

This summer I signed up for nine sewing classes, that’s right nine.  I’m taking them through My Sewing Room.  I signed up for a series for the beginner sewist.  I am more accomplished at quilts than I once was, but I am not so hot with patterns yet.  The classes include learning the very basics (that I took back in November), to curved seams (an apron), reading patterns (pajama top and bottom), the dreaded zippers (a coin purse), and finishing off with putting it all together with a coat.  So I’m taking ALL OF THOSE!  I’ve already made the apron and the PJ bottoms – I’ll share them a bit later on.

I’m also taking some quilting classes, Arboretum, Fractions, Turning Twelve the rag quilt, and one on hand embroidery.  Should be a good time.  Almost all my fabric has been taken care of, though I keep missing those little bits like interfacing, zippers, buttons and such.  I have to make my notions list and get those items sometime soon.



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3 responses to “The Summer of Jen

  1. jdpauls

    i hope the summer of Jen turns out to be the happiest and best summer you could hope for. you deserve it.

    • Jen

      Thanks Mom. I’m really looking forward to the break for sure. Looking forward to spending some time with you too. How do you feel about Airdire?

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