Summer of Jen: Class # 1 and 2

As mentioned I am taking classes over the summer to improve my sewist and quilting skills.  My first two classes are the first two in the beginner sewing series that My Sewing Room offers.

In the fall of 2009 when my misadventure as a sewist began I took the Sewing First Class, well class and made a bag to carry my supplies.  Here is a reminder for you.

A few Sunday’s ago I took the Beginner Sewing class where we tackled the apron with embellishments and curved seams.  We needed to have at least 6 different fabrics in ours and 2-3 different choices of embellishments like ric rack or ribbon.  I really wanted to do a polka dot apron in primary colors but for some reason chickened out because it would be too FLASHY.  So instead I settled for some blues.

Do I like the apron?  yes, but I really wish I would have done it in my original color scheme.

It was pretty easy to put together, even the curved seam wasn’t as challenging as it should have been at all.  I found putting on the ric rack straight the most frustrating part, but in the end I think it turn out really well.

This Sunday I did the Next Step Classes where we dealt with commercial patterns.  The first classes was pajama bottoms.  I used some CRAZY flannel from Amy Butler’s LOVE collection.  For someone who didn’t want a FLASHY apron I sure made some flashy pants.  We used a Kwik Sew pattern which I really enjoyed using and will be using in the furture as it was so easy in fact.  I had a horrible time putting in the elastic.  I was using a bobkin tool and twice my elastic came out of the special opening and got lost in the waist band, the third time I wasn’t paying attention and pulled it all the way through, and they forth time I got to the end tired to even the elastic out and pulled it through the wasit band and lost the end and inch from the opening.  In the end I am happy with the way they turned out, though I won’t be wearing them anytime soon because they are flannel – though there are days in the summer time that are not so warm.

Nest class is Tuesday – Hand embrodiery.



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2 responses to “Summer of Jen: Class # 1 and 2

  1. Love, love, love your pajamas! 🙂 I like your apron — why not make another one (then you will know _for sure_ that you know how:) in your primary scheme? You can always give the first one away if having two aprons in your kitchen is too redundant for you. 🙂


    • Jen

      Thanks Linda for stopping by. I really love the pajamas too, can’t wait to see what the top turns out like. I plan on making another apron. The way I cook it would be for the best to have multiple on hand.

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