Day Book # 23


June 28, 2010 – I know I am a day behind, I’m sorry 😦

Outside My Window…

It is a touch overcast right now.  Warm enough though that I could take Molly for a walk without a coat in a long sleeved shirt and pants, but not quite warm for a tank and shorts.  Though it is suppose to be today.

I am thinking…

Decisions are so hard to make.  Having to weigh options, which will be good, what will happen if I say no, what is life going to be like if I say yes.

I am thankful for…

Summer Vacation!

From the kitchen…

The dish washer is running, counters are clear.

I am wearing…

Weekend Attire, even though it is a weekday. I’m on holidays what can I say

I am creating…

My notions list for my classes.

I am going…

For a lot of tea and coffee this week to catch up with friends.

I am reading…

Wolf Hall. Yes, still.  It is a huge book.

I am hoping…

That I will know what to do.

I am hearing…

Breakfast television telling me about how to stay hydrated and have the right nutriants through the summer.

Around the house…

It is pretty quiet.  Molly is eating some breakfast, Nate is at work, and I’m lounging for a bit.

One of my favorite things…


A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…

GET THROUGH THE WEEK! – oddly same as last week but for different reasons

Here is picture thought I am sharing…



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3 responses to “Day Book # 23

  1. Good morning Jen, it seems I’m the only one who calls you Jenny but I’ll have to decide which name wins. So, how’s the decision making coming along. good luck at your parents today 🙂 Hope they give you the guidance that you want and need. Love the photo.

  2. Jen

    Morning Valerie. Thanks again so much for coming to the concert yesterday. It was great having you in the audience. A lot of people call me Jenny actually. My family all does, so does Nate, and my friend Nancy. I was called Jenny all through junior and senior high. I went more to Jen when I was in university. I’ll let you know what is decided. Take care friend.

  3. Nathalie

    Thinking of you today. Let me know when you want to get together. 🙂

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