Work in progress

How is everyone doing on this wonderful sunny day?  If it is not sunny in your area I’m sorry to hear that.  We are finally getting warm temperatures and no rain in sight – so far anyways.

This past weekend has been a bit busy, but in the end was a really good one.  I had a sew day in Millarville on Saturday to work on the Bible Block quilts now that all of our blocks are finished.  I had posted three possible options for my setting and decided upon

Saturday I put it together and added a border to go around it.  Now it looks like this.

I had that finished pretty early so I started working on my Thimble Blossom’s pattern called Wild Thing.  I had cut out all the pieces – or so I thought and just needed to piece them together.  I put one block together just so I could see what it would actually look like.

I think it is a totally cute crazy  pin wheel.  I’m really looking forward to seeing it all put together.  A couple of charm packs and some solid background.  Totally awesome.

I’ve been slowing quilting a secret project this week (started last week) as well.  I’m sorry to say it has been a pain in the rear.  I honestly have no idea how to properly do a backing and I seem to still not get everything as tight as I want it to be so it is not as tight as I would like.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to do a proper backing?

how about getting a tight quilt sandwich so I don’t have puckering when I’m quilting?

Oh, and how about marking a quilting pattern on the quilt so it doesn’t go away while you move the quilt around?  Like chalk does.

I was trying to lay out my backing fabric to see what my options were on making it, this proved to be difficult with Molly wanting to play with the ball on it.

Got the backing flat, laid the top on to do my measuring and such – Molly decided to roll all over it.  The whole process proved to be very very difficult.



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4 responses to “Work in progress

  1. Nathan

    I personally like to use fusible backing, it makes the process so much easier.

    • Jen

      Nate I had no idea you were such an expert on quilting. Here I’ve been working away for months with difficulties, with no knowledge of your skill. Shame on you for not sharing. 😉

  2. Shelley C

    I was taught to tape the backing to the floor (or tabletop if it is small enough.) Do the middles first pulling to get rid of slack but without stretching out of shape. then cornors and more on the sides so there isn’t a wrinkle anywhere! Then lay on the batting smoothing as you go then your ironed top. I usually pin baste very well. Pull off tape.
    Another must is a walking foot. I never get puckers anymore with this method.

    • Jen

      Thanks Shelley for the tips. Worked like a charm. I appreciate you taking the time to share that with me. Do you have a particular type of tape that you like to use?

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