Happy Canada Day


Today is Canada day.  And since I am a Canadian and really can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be I have decided to share some wonderful things about living here.

1. It is a beautiful country – though some parts are more interesting than others.  We have spectacular forests, mountains, and water ways.

2. The people are very nice.  It is rare for me to visit a Canadian city where you are not greeted by nice people or offered help when lost or just look lost.  Though there is an airline company that could be reminded that Canadians are supposed to be polite and nice – they are giving the rest of us a bad name – all I will say about that.

3. There is so much to do.  What to swim in an ocean?  Fish?  Whale Watch?  Head to one of the coast lines.  BC is beautiful and truly wonderful to visit.  And I hear the East Coast is pretty amazing, after all a place that can be the origin for a great band like GREAT BIG SEA can’t be bad at all.  Want to hike, mountain bike, ski, soak your muscles in a hot spring then head to the amazing Rocky Mountain.  Have you ever wanted to see a place that was as flat as an ice rink – try Saskatchewan.  Bugs as big as your head – try Manitoba.  I also hear Ontario and Quebec are wonderful to visit and in Quebec I hear the architecture is amazing.  And if you want to truly experience a Canadian Winter head to the Territories.

4. Music. We have some amazing musical talent here and a little bit of everything.  Michael Buble, Bare Naked Ladies, GREAT BIG SEA! to name a few and in MY opinion the best.

5. Authors.  Again some amazing talent is from Canada.  Like Robert Service who wrote the Cremation of Sam McGee or the Shooting of Dan McGrew.

I really do enjoy living in Canada.  I hope you all have a wonderful Canada day.



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2 responses to “Happy Canada Day

  1. I’m not Canadian but .. but .. but … you neglected to mention the Arrogant Worms!! awesome, *awesome* band. 🙂

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