Camping… In our Backyard Continued

As I shared with you yesterday Nate and I got our selves a tent and we toyed with the idea that we would camp out in the backyard last night.  Well I’m here to report that we did in fact sleep in our backyard.

After setting the tent up yesterday I slipped out to pick up some menu items to make ourselves a camp style meal.  Since we don’t have a camp fire and have to fix the camp stove we have (a hand me down) we decided to BBQ the components of the meal.  We had smokies, a caesar salad, some sun chips (garden salsa) and some wonderful Dr. Pepper (or Orange C Plus for Nate).  It was delicious.  Later on in the evening we made S’mores over the ….BBQ – again we had no camp fire.  I don’t actually remember ever having a s’more so Nate wanted to make sure that I had one.  It was a little slower process making them over the BBQ but the marshmallows did cook a little more evenly and didn’t catch on fire or drop into the fire as they often do over the camp fire.  As I bit into my first s’more I was surprised how messy they were – so messy in fact that quite a bit of the marshmallow ended up in my hair.  Apparently, I need lessons on how to eat a s’more as well.

The rest of our evening was spent playing Gin Rummy, a card game that screams CAMPING to me.  I taught Nate the game I know and he discovered another version which we played and (not to bragged) schooled him in 136 to 18.

Because I wasn’t sure how cold it would be in the tent, in the backyard, I wore my snowflake fleece pajamas, ski socks and brought with me a hoodie and a t shirt (in case I got hot – doubtful but better to be prepared).  Nate brought a toque with him just in case – which I must report he ended up wearing .

It was actually really nice being in the tent.  Nate had the vents open so we had a nice cool cross breeze sweeping across us which helped the tent keep cool and not stuffy.  I will admit I had trouble falling asleep because I was busy listening to all the sounds that were surrounding us and Molly jerking up every time she heard something she didn’t care for.  I was surprised how much we could hear the traffic and at one point in the night when I didn’t think there would be much there seemed to be a steady hum.  I slept until about 7:15 or so which was later that I thought.  We made buttermilk pancakes for breakfast, which is a camping breakfast according to Nate.

Later on in the morning we went on a hike to keep with the camping style weekend.  We went to Station Flat outside of Bragg Creek.

It was a really fun time.  It was a nice walk, we did the Diamond T loop which was about 4kms, a good one to start with if you are a bit out of practice with hiking.

As we walked I stopped along the way and took pictures of flowers and leaves – why?  Because I like them.

Next time we are going to try our hand at a real camp ground not our backyard … though it was really good practice.


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  1. Nat

    love it Jen!!

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