Work in Progress

It is summer time, July, which means school is officially finished and holidays have begun.  I’ve actually been on summer break since the end of June, but it has been a transition and tricky to get into a new routine and my first couple weeks have been busy.

Here was my first week:

I did errands on Monday getting the last minute notions and supplies for my sewing classes this summer, Tuesday I finished quilting a surprise quilt including the binding.  On Wednesday I met a friend for a wonderful coffee and had a lovely dinner in the revolving restaurant at the Calgary Tower with Nate to celebrate the end of another school year, Thursday I had a wonderful breakfast with my friend Nat (Hi NAT!) and shopping with Nate.

This week I’m hoping things will get into more of a routine.

Get up, walk Molly, eat breakfast, work out, shower, quilt, sew, quilt, sew, lunch, visit with friends, sew, quilt.  I think you are catching on to my routine.

Oddly enough, this isn’t how is has been going at all.  Oh well, still really enjoying myself.

While I’m waiting for my routine to kick in, I’ve been working on a couple of things in preparation.  I’m going to Lethbridge on Tuesday and needed some hand work to do in the car because I don’t have to drive.  I have these cute little Christmas stitchery patterns from my favorite Cinderberry Stitches called raspberry Cream and Christmas Wish.  So I’ve been sitting at my window tracing the design onto the cream background.

I know what you are thinking, “Why doesn’t this girl have a light box?” Well, I don’t know why.  I’m waiting for Nate to make me one, but I have to find the magazine that contained the pattern for him, so for now a sunny window and a sore arm.

I also cut out all the fabric I will need for the projects once I have finished stitching them.

Look at these fabulous reds that I am using for the Raspberry Cream mini quilt.  It is a version of a redwork, but a more modern one.

In the meantime my tracing is done and ready to go for my trip to Lethbridge as well as some extra ones for my camping adventures with Nate, because I highly doubt he will allow me to bring my sewing machine and gear camping.  Alas.

On Saturday Night we watched the UFC 116 fight.  Alright Nate did, I was in the room squaring up blocks for the next phase of my Wild Things Quilt.  Though every so often my eyes would divert to the tv to see what was happening.  I was curious.

I also started working on a baby quilt for some friends.  I mapped it out about 4 times before I finally figured it out.

You can probably see my printing in the bottom rows where I still managed to be shrot fabric or wasn’t happy with the order and made last minute changes.  This is not what is going to look like, it is going to look like…

But it will be in Figtree’s Wimsy fabric.

Here is my table while I am working away, I’ve got my plan out, my fabric out.  Though I started to put it together and had a horrible time.  I had to take out a bunch of stitches because of how off they were.  Maybe I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to do those.

This is my take apart and redo pile.  What a pain.  I haven’t gone back to it yet because I’m a bit afraid of making that many mistakes again.

So that is what I’ve been up to and where I am in my projects. What are you up to?


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