Camping… in the actual mountains

You read right folks, Nate and I actually went camping somewhere other than our own backyard.

Last weekend we decided to take the plunge and head out to the mountains and see what is was like for real.  We had heard from friends that Little Elbow was a beautiful spot so that is where we headed, to the end of highway 66.  When we got there we drove around trying to find one of the camp sites that was a drive in, not a walk in.  I just didn’t have a good feeling about hiking all our gear up a hill – call me lazy 😉

There was only one spot left, it wasn’t the most private, but it was our home for the next few days.  We set up our site with our tent, chairs and cooler and then decided to break for a spot of lunch, mac and cheese ala a guy named David from a camp recipe website.  It was alright, next time I’m making ala Jen because I know it turns out (alright it is actually ala Pioneer Woman’s amazing recipe minus the mustard powder).  After that we took a tour along the Little Elbow walking path to the bridge to see what was around.  We had a very nice hike but Molly and I got ourselves a bit overheated.

Let me digress for a moment.  We have a puppy.  Her name is Molly.  She HATES that water.  She will jump over puddles, take a LONG way around a stream, and will, in her own way, tiptoe through water if there is no other option.

Back to our story.  As I said Molly got overheated on the walk and waded into the river up to her belly.  She was in there for about 5 minutes, the longest I’ve ever seen.  Once I became overheated we had to head back – it isn’t pretty when I get over heated, let me just ask, have you seen the Hulk? You won’t like him when he gets angry, same thing with me and overheating.

Once back we lounged in our chairs.  Nate read, I stitched.  We roasted smokies over the fire, had some wonderful cherries and Garden Salsa Sunchips and later in the evening had some campfire s’mores.  They sure taste different over a camp fire then they do on a BBQ.  Somewhere in there we also went fly fishing.  Nate went, Molly and I sat and waited for him on the bank of the river.

Unfortunately, I did not have a stellar sleep.  We had RUDE neighbors beside us.  They played dreadful music, talked very loudly, cursed like a sailor, and even though they had a “washroom” on the other side of their monstrous motor home they used the woods for their calls of nature – ALL OF THEM!  Oh and at 4am they yelled “ARRIBA” at the top of their lungs. Thank goodness they left early the next day.

Anyways, we had a wonderful breakfast of pancakes and eggs and Nate then decided to try fly fishing again, Molly and I stayed behind and stitched – she lounged.

Well after lunch time Nate returned and we made grilled cheese sandwiches.  Right in the middle of eating them a torrential down pour came.  We rushed around trying to put things away.  It came up out of no where.  Usually in town you feel a couple drops, then a few more, then more – like a warning of something that is coming.  This was two drops and then a whole ton of them.  The nice neighbours on the other side asked us if we wanted to join them under their awning so we didn’t have to spend the whole time in the tent.  We did join them.  While sitting a new group of people set up in the pouring rain and they offered a bit of entertainment for a while.  And if I thought the other group cursed like sailors, I was in for a shock, this was louder and worse and they had a 5 year old boy.

I got cold and headed for the tent to get in dry clothes.  Once it stopped we thought we should try to make supper, Beef Stew.  It was yummy too, but once again in the middle of eating, the down pour started again.  We ran for the tent.  I was nervous that all our stuff was left outside, so Nate, the brave, headed out in my rain jacket and cleaned it up.

We thought it had stopped for the night and went to make a fire and roast marshmallow, we were wrong, more rain, so we packed it in for the night.

I had a worse sleep.  The new people were louder, cursyer (I know, not a word), drank way more, and treated themselves to some “good stuff” that they could smoke.  I heard amazing stories about a snake and a bunny, crane operation, biking danger, and the kid.

Nate took care of the breakfast again, eggs and bacon, because I was a walking zombie waiting for the cowboy coffee to be done.  It was a beautiful morning and we took Molly on a hike up a trial called the Nihani Ridge.  It is a bit steep but not too bad in all honesty.  We made it to the top which overlooks the campground and the Little Elbow Valley.  Once down we had lunch, packed up and headed home – and on the way home it rained.

All and all it was a great adventure, and I’m pleased to report that I got my stitching down.  Now to put together the bag that it belongs too.

Looking forward to another camping adventure, one with less rain.

For more pictures from our adventure you can view them here.



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4 responses to “Camping… in the actual mountains

  1. Nathan

    Next time we go camping, I’ll actually set up the tarp and not leave it in truck. That way we can hide under it if it rains.

    • Jen

      Yes, you read right folks. We had a tarp to set up to shield us from the rain but it never saw anything but the back of the car.

  2. Oh Jen, when you said your adventure was well an adventure I didn’t realize…huh sometimes life throws you curve balls, today in Kaslo it’s been raining and pouring all day…so I’ve spent the day blogging, stitching, blogging, eating and not too much time outside – it’s been nice to get caught up on all of my reading. Love your block, it’s so whimsy and fun!

    • Jen

      Oh when I emailed you I left out half of the adventure. Hope your camping trip is going well. Let me know when you are back.

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