Quilt Process: Love vs. Hate

Many around us are beginning a new part of their lives by having families and since I have become someone obsessed with sewing it has become my mission to make baby quilts as baby shower gifts instead of the “bath set” I usually put together.

Back in February I went to a Quilt retreat and we made this quilt top out of a jelly roll.

I loved it so much.  I thought it was such a fun design that I couldn’t wait to try it again.  So when my friends told me they were having a baby I decided to use this fun pattern again on their baby quilt.

I used the Figtree’s Whimsy fabric for the quilt because I thought it would be so wonderful and pretty for the little girl.  The other day I finished all the 4″ blocks and spread it out on the floor to see what I had done.  You see from the beginning this quilt has not been an easy one for me.  I had to sketch it out 4 times before I finally got all the colors in the right places and with enough colors.

I really was excited to see what this would end up like.  Now I’m not so sure I love it.

I’m sorry it isn’t the best quality.  I didn’t want to lay it out outside and have pieces blown all over the yard. For whatever reason it doesn’t have the same pop the first one did.  I am hating the fact the it doesn’t have the same pop, I know it is partly because I used a much more subtle color palette which is something I just don’t do, maybe that is why I’m having issues with it.

Nate said he liked it, but prefaced it with, “You know I’ll say I like whatever you make.”  I think I’m going to have to put it back on the floor and see if I can move around any of the pieces.



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