I have a Serious Addiction

It is true, I have a serious addiction and I need help.  I love GIVEAWAYS.  And I am addicted to entering them.  I enter them every chance I get.  I enjoy reading the sewing and quilting blogs and learning all the tricks of the trade, but what I love equally as much is the wonderful giveaways that many of them feature and I enter them, EVERY SINGLE ONE.

At jaybirdquilts she posts a giveaway list, sharing all the giveaways that are in the land of BLOGS.  I peruse the list and enter them and then watch the lists as she checks off the ones that are finished, and I check to see if I’ve gotten lucky.  I haven’t.  I even wasn’t lucky at the one where I was THE ONLY ONE WHO ENTERED.  Yep you read me right.  I entered a giveaway, was the only one who did so and in the end, came up empty.

That is until TODAY.  I’ve been following the Cherry House Quilts Book Tour about her book City Quilts and at every book stop there has been a giveaway of a books, a stack of fat quarters, and maybe something else from the host.  Today I got lucky and was drawn to receive a copy of the book.

My name was randomly chosen at Carolina Patchwork – if you haven’t been there you should stop by, her patterns are so fun – especially the video game ones.  And yes, that is a picture of the screen to prove that I am not making this up.

I’m very excited about this and just because I’ve gotten lucky once, does not mean I will not continue to enter as many giveaways as possible, this means that my chance might have just gotten better 😉



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6 responses to “I have a Serious Addiction

  1. Katrina

    Congrats! And good luck for next time!

  2. I love giveaways too and enter them all. I’m having one on my blog. Be sure to stop over and enter if you haven’t already.

    • Jen

      I tried to get onto your blog yesterday and wasn’t able to get there, but I’m going to try again today. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. MissyH

    Congrats! I ponied up for City Quilts, its a fabulous book and very inspirational! I also love those Carolina Patchworks videogames quilts! I stumbled across those last week, so fun! As for winning a giveaway, I did once, and they flaked out on sending me my prize, so I know how you feel!!

    Enjoy City Quilts!!!

    • Jen

      They flaked out and didn’t send you the prize? That is dreadful, I’m sorry that happened to you. As for the book, I’m loving it and the information in the front of the book is so wonderful and helpful. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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