Sew Much Sewing in the Summer

It seems like it has been a long time since I’ve written anything about my sewing.  Instead I’ve shared with you about my camping adventures, and my giveaway addiction.  But I have been sewing quite a bit during my summer break.  As mentioned in my Summer of Jen post I signed up for 9 sewing/quilting classes so that has been keeping me quite busy.  I’ve also been working on a baby quilt which has been causing me some problems, working on my Wild Things crazy pin wheels, and a secret quilt I cannot talk about at this time.  I’ve also been working on a couple of blocks of the month that I have too.

So far I’ve taken 5 of the 9 classes and am currently in class number 6.

I’ve made an apron

Pajama top and bottom

I’ve done some hand embroidery and worked with zippers.  First, let me tell you, I will never again shy away from zippers, though I prefer centre zippers than the fly or lapped zipper.

The last class I completed was one which took all the other classes skills and put them into one and made a fall tweed coat.

It had welted pockets – which practically took a whole three hour class, a darted sleeve, a crazy collar, and lining.  It was insane and a lot of work.  It took me three, three hour classes plus some homework to get it all done.

Last week I started a class which goes through the Arboretum pattern.

We’ve only had the first class so far, but so far I’ve completed the strata for the leaves.  I’m quite happy with them and the shades of green in them.

Between all of this as I’ve mentioned we’ve been camping quite a bit.  Last weekend we went to Mount Kidd, which is where we use to camp when I was a kid.  It is like the 5 star of camp grounds with a tennis court, wadding pool, hot whirl pools, volleyball court, showers, and a bathroom that flushes.  Nate and I had a nice time visiting some places I remembered as a kid, like Wedge Pond.

Ribbon Creek

And the weekend before that we were at Little Elbow enjoying the hiking and the peace and quiet.

While we’ve been camping and mostly when Nate has been fishing and I’m on the shore with my crazy puppy, I’ve been working on hand projects.  I’ve tried my hand at the hexies which seem to be all the rage.

I quite like them.  I found some mylar hexies which has been my base and I’m working out the best way to get my fabric around them, but I’ll take some suggestions if anyone has any.  I can’t put a pin in them, but they have a hole in the back which I’ve been putting a pin through to secure my fabric.

I’ve also been working on some wonderful hand stitching from the wonderful Cinderberry Stitches.

They are for Christmas wall hangings.  Even though I know Christmas is 137 days away, I figure I better get started on Christmas projects to make sure they get done.

And if you remember I mentioned a baby quilt which was giving me some trouble.  Today I put a design wall up in my basement, put it back on wall and moved things around.  I would move one thing, lie on the ground, look at it from top to bottom, move another thing around, lie again on the ground check it.  And today I am pleased to say I finally got it to the point where I am thrilled with it.

Well I think that does it for now.

Learned Today: Bring a waterproof bag while camping so your stitching doesn’t get wet when it rains, EVERYDAY!


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