Mini QT Swap – Process

Aug/Sept Mini Quilt Sneak Peak 1

Originally uploaded by eklundjen

On FLICKR! I joined a Mini Quilt Swap called Mini QT Swap. Every two months they pick a theme and you sign up, are given a partner and two months to get the mini quilt done. The theme for this month was books. Creating a quilt based on one of your partners favorite books.

I choose children’s book titles to give because I love them. I picked How to Catch a Star, Russell the Sheep or Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. You need to check these out if you haven’t.

My partner picked Ballet Shoes, Catcher and the Rye and Anne of Green Gables and specific parts that she liked to try to help put a picture in my head. I know as a Canadian I should do Anne of Green Gables – anyways. I knew right away what I wanted to do but had a hard time executing it. I sketched and sketched and looked online for ideas and suggestions about how to do it. I probably sketched 12 different ideas before I was finally happy with what I saw.

It was something I really had not done before, completely design my own quilt – good thing it was a little quilt. I’ve designed color stories for quilts, but I was following a pattern. Almost everything I have done so far has been a pattern, this was really something where I went through the whole process from design to completed work.

Because my partner doesn’t know what book I’ve chosen yet I can’t fully share the process, but I plan to.

Here is a hint though.


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