Mini QT Swap Aug/Sept.

Mini QT Swap Aug/Sept.

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HERE IT IS….my first mini quilt. Alright not my first mini quilt, but it is the first one I totally designed.

Here is what I went through.

After reading the books, I knew right away that I wanted to do a city street with the girls walking down the street to the museum. I really wanted it to be a silhouette with the only color being the girls with a V & A Museum silhouette on one side. But I had a horrible time getting the detailed shape of the museum. It just wasn’t right, it just didn’t look like the museum so I didn’t want to include it.

I then had to move to another idea so I tired a perspective city view instead. I again tried many different sketches, trying to get the building and windows right. Even Nate jumped in at one point to give me a perspective drawing lesson.

Once I had the street ready to go, I added the girls, some trees and shrubs and was extremely happy with what I ended up with.

My friend Paula helped me pick out the fabric. The stormy sky piece was her idea and I love how it turned out.

I tried a couple of quilting techniques, free motion, applique and sketching.

I sent it off to my flickr partner a few weeks ago and she got it in the mail (with a fabulous – or so i say – pair of MOOSE HUG socks – How Canadian) the other day.

I really enjoyed the whole process of designing and quilting from start to finish.

I wonder what the next theme will be?


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