Color Help

Hi Everyone,

I’m sitting my  on my love seat right now, pinned down by my sleepy puppy and I am sick.  Not a really bad sick (don’t worry Mom, I’m alright), I just have a sore throat, am a bit achy and am stuffed up – alright I’m falling apart – Just kidding.

So while I’m sitting here I’ve been thinking about Saturday’s guild meeting.  I belong to the Flying Needles Quilt Guild and love every minute of it.

Anyways, they have these challenges every year and I really want to be a part of them.  I joined the guild in April last year and didn’t get the chance to do so, this year I decided I totally would.

I worked out what I would do for two of the three things I am doing and am set and ready to go (once I feel better I guess).

But I am working on a mystery quilt and have no idea what colors to use, so here I am to ask for help.

What 4 colors would you recommend I use.

I need  the following:

A light color, a medium color (something that will be a contrasting color), a dark color (which will also be the border), a medium color that will have a large print.    An example would be: white/cream, green, dark purple and a light purple.

What do you think of these possibilities?

White, Red, Navy Blue, another blue

White, deep purple, light grey, grey print

White, black, red, dark red

Can you suggest a color scheme for me?



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3 responses to “Color Help

  1. Nat

    Hope you feel better soon Jen!! I like the white. deep purple, light grey and grey print possibility, it sounds pretty.

  2. Nathan

    I’m going to say the black, white and reds.

  3. I’m going with your top choice. I’ve had a quilt with those colours in my head lately too.

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