Mini QT Swap – Book Theme

Today is a very exciting day for me.  Today in the mail (the box I’ve been stalking for the past few weeks) I received my first mini quilt from the Mini QT Swap on FLICKR!.

Isn’t is incredible?  The three books I picked was How to Catch a Star, Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and Russell the Sheep.  The book my swap partner picked to do was How to Catch a Star.  The picture above is of the quilt and of the page of the book which she decided to get her inspiration from.

Isn’t it marvelous?  In the top left corner is a fat quarter that she sent to me as well featuring some wonderful things from London – since that is where she is from.

Look at the quilting she did.  It is little stars, fitting with the book isn’t it?

I am so thankful that I had an amazingly talented partner.  I am in love with this quilt so very much.









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