Day Book #40


October 24, 2010

Outside My Window…

Its a bit gray and dreary out.  There is a slight fog hanging over us today.

I am thinking…

I might need to bring a sweater with me today, it looks like it might be a chilly day.

I am thankful for…

Date Nights.

From the kitchen…

The dishwasher is running.  But I think it might be stuck on a cycle.  It has been going for a long long time.

I am wearing…

Blue Jeans, Navy shirt and a red scarf.

I am creating…

My Christmas lists.  Yep starting already

I am going…

To work hard today to stay warm.

I am reading…

Same Kind of Different as Me.

I am hoping…

For a really fun week.

I am hearing…

A very interesting conversation with Nate about Music.

It all began after Nate suggested that we make grapefruit hats because the Irish Rovers sing about it.

N: see Jen I know songs like that, fun songs.  You know songs like Ave Maria and that Kardashian song.

J: I don’t know any song called the Kardashian song.

N: You  know the one that is quite rousing.

J: The one in commercials?

N: Yeah.

J: Oh, Carmina Burana.

N: Yeah that one.  For your next recital you should have me suggest some songs to play.  So instead of playing songs that no one knows you could play something exciting where people could clap and get on their feet.  It would be a real party.  That could be your new niche, Party Saxophone Quartet.  Maybe even some Dance Mix ’93.

****Now Nate is playing the Irish Rover’s Song for me (Wasn’t that a party) showing me how great it would sound on Saxophone, pointing out who could play each solo. ****


Around the house…

Not too much is going on.  Waiting for Nate to finish getting ready so we can be off to church.

One of my favorite things…

Chocolate covered jubjubs (might sound gross to you, but it is lovely).

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…

a bit of this and a lot of GREAT BIG SEA!

Here is picture thought I am sharing…


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One response to “Day Book #40

  1. Nathan

    If anyone reading this blog needs song ideas, I’m willing to help you out as well.

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