A Little Black Polka Dot Dress

A little while ago, My Sewing Room offered a chance for people to come in, try out the new Bernina Series 3 machine, make a dress and show it off in this years Creative Stitches Show in Calgary.  I thought, Why Not?  I had just completed my classes on garment sewing and thought it would be a fun time.

One The challenge was to make one of the 4 dresses that was featured on the Bernina website. You had the choice of making it as or alter it to fit your own style.  One of the folks at the store made a sample  dress, the one I was thinking of doing,  in the largest size and once I tried it on it was clear I was going to have to modify it (I am not the size of a bean pole, which apparently the largest size was).

This was the dress that I was going to make, but make a couple of changes.  I wanted to do it in a black polka dot.  I’ve recently fell in love with polka dots.  I never did as a kid.  I even remember a time my mom tried to put me in a navy polka dot dress for a graduation (not sure which one though) and I didn’t want it – I regret that choice now so I decided to make a polka dot dress to make up for it.

As you can see I made a couple of changes.  I got rid of the elastic around the sleeves and neck and added a white peter pan collar and a little band around the sleeve and waist line.  The top I made in a solid black with three little round buttons – to look like polka dots.  I modeled it after a rockabilly dress I found online.  The skirt I made a lot fuller like a swing skirt from the 1950s in the black polka dots.

At the back I added a simple ribbon detail to cover up the zipper and make the waist line more even.

The whole process of redrafting a pattern was quite an experience. Trying to figure out where to add or subtract material.  Making the dress and then altering what was done to make it fit or look better.  I find it to be a two person job because I didn’t have a dress form in my size to work off of.  I’m really pleased with how it turned out and ever after this I would be willing to try redrafting a pattern again.

What do you think?




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2 responses to “A Little Black Polka Dot Dress

  1. i LOVE it sew…such a fabulous job!! Now are you going to make it into another colourway by chance?

  2. Nathan

    You look nice in your dress.

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