There is a Fly in the House

The title of the post has actually nothing to do with the topic of this post, but there is a fly in the house and currently he (I’m assuming it is a he) is buzzing around me, annoying me.

Note: I came home today from practice and the craft market to discover that Molly, my puppy, had somehow stunned the fly and was on the kitchen floor while she tried to play with it.

Anyways, I’ve been wrapping up projects in the past couple days that I thought would NEVER get done and I’ve lost motivation on some that I was going full force with a while ago.

I  finally finished (like totally finished) the quilt I talked about earlier.   The one I was having a conflict with – which right now I can’t show you what it is finished, can you wait a week?  Promise, next Saturday you will see the finally project and everything that happened.

I also quilted and bound the two quilts I worked on while at Quilt Retreat this year.

This little number was made for my dear friend Nate’s (Note:  This Nate is a friend from university.) new baby girl, Julia.  It is brown, creams, and a little creamy yellow.  It was done with 6 fat quarters and I think about .7m for the binding and inner boarder – in FLANNEL.  The pattern is called HOPSCOTCH and is one of The Quilt Patch patterns.  The back is done in that fun cuddle fabric in a deep chocolate brown.

PS. Those are Nate’s legs, in case you are wondering. (Note: This Nate is my husband Nate.  He wanted me to clarify because he found the mention of two Nate’s confusing).

I also finished the tree skirt, just in time for Christmas.  It was so easy and went together super fast. It was featured on the Moda Bake Shop and was called Fruit Cake Under My Tree and the wonderful shop Burgundy Buttons had ready made kits of Basic Grey’s Fruitcake Line in a cute little cake type box.  I’m hoping to convince Nate to put up the tree really soon so I can see my handy work in full function.

I don’t have a great picture this second, so when the sun comes up I’ll post a picture of it.  Sorry about all that build up and no picture 😦

Here are the pictures….

I attached three ties instead of 2 so the skirt was a little more closed.  Isn’t it super cute?

Learned Today:

Don’t let your puppy any where near your quilting gloves, especially if she is opinionated (like Molly) and will damage your gloves because she doesn’t think you should be wearing purple gloves.



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4 responses to “There is a Fly in the House

  1. Nathan

    Your tree skirt looks nice. I think the beginning of December is a good time to put up our tree.

  2. jdpauls

    i think your quilts are beautiful. the one for your friend Nate is lovely. your tree skirt is really stunning. you have so much talent.

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