Whimsy Baby Quilt

Last Friday I promised that today I would unveil the finished product for something I’ve been working on for a bit now.


There it is and today I love it.  I honestly wouldn’t have  always said that though, if you remember ….

In case you are wondering I used Figtree’s Whimsy Fabric line and the quilt is made with one jelly roll and some yardage for the back, borders and binding.

I’m not sure what the pattern is called.  There are a couple of designers who have similar patterns, but I’m just not sure exactly which one it is.

Why am I unveiling it today?  Well because today we had the baby shower for my friend Becky and her new little girl Avery and her present was that quilt.

My friend Nat, put on a lovely shower with some delicious food and lovely visiting.  I was in charge of bringing a dessert.  After much searching I discovered a fun blog called Eggs on Sunday.

Here they are.

They were quite scrumptious too.  I can’t wait to try some of her other recipes too.

So there you have it folks a wonderful afternoon with good food, super cute presents and an overall nice time.







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4 responses to “Whimsy Baby Quilt

  1. Nathan

    Those little dessert tarts were delicious, good job.

  2. Nat

    Thank you for your delicious and very pretty contribution!!

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