Mini QT Swap: Holiday Houses

Well another round has come and gone for the Mini QT Swap

I’ve had quite a few people ask me how the whole swap works, well….

1. Each round they post a theme and a little explanation about the theme and if you like the theme and are caught up on your other rounds you ask to be included

2. You are assigned a swap partner or buddy as I call them.

3.  You and your buddy flickrmail each other exchanging information like address, favorite colors, things you would love to see on your quilt and in this case what holiday you would love for your house

4. Design and create your Mini.  I love this part.  I’ve really feel as though I’ve grown a lot as a quilter because of this.  Now I have no pattern to follow and I am left to my own devices.  I’m not quite as creative as some of the other folks are, but each time I try I feel like more creative juices flow.

5. You post sneak peak photos of the mini to keep your partner guessing.

6. Send it off in the mail and wait to hear they received it, then post a picture of the finished product.

This round my partner asked for a Christmas holiday house….so I came up with….


What do you think?  Let me tell you about it first.

I used the grunge fabric from Basic Grey’s Fruit Cake Line as well as some reproduction (the starry sky), and some fabric from I Believe.  On the Tree I put a star button and along the tree and house some crystal beads to give the effect that it has Christmas lights up – because I love Christmas Lights. I included Rudolph in the quilt too, including his little red nose (which isn’t really showing here).  And the door handle is a bead as well.

I can’t wait to get mine from my swap buddy.  I’ll post pictures once it has arrived.



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