Block of the Months

Good Morning Y’all – Ok I’m not from an area where people normally say this, but Calgary is know as Cow Town so I think this morning it is fitting.

Do you like Block of the Months?

Wait, do you even know what one is?

Ok, lets start with the second question first.  A block of the month is a “club” that you sign up for.  Each month you either pick up your supplies (if you signed up at a bricks and mortar store)  or it is mailed to you (if ordered online).

Some BOMs, as they are called, are just patterns.  Where each month you receive a pattern to make a block (section of a quilt), but you are responsible to find the fabric (yardage) to make it.

Other BOMs are patterns and fabrics, a FULL KIT really, which you put together and at the end of the term you have all the blocks needed to make the quilt top.

Here is an example of a finished block from a Block of the Month club

There are 9 blocks for this quilt and it makes the cutest quilt.

In my opinion, it makes creating a quilt a little less daunting, especially for those who have never made one, because you do it a small step at time, instead of being overwhelmed with all the fabric and wonder to yourself, “so now what?”  However, some of the BOMS do have some trickier techniques that too can become a bit daunting.

Here are a couple of things to remember when signing up for a BOM – this is what I’ve discovered anyways.

1. If you are looking for a BOM that comes with fabric, make sure it does.  I ordered a BOM which i love and I love it because of the fabrics that the designer used.  I looked all over to find if it came with the fabric or not.  Because the monthly price was a bit high I made the assumption that it came with fabric, because the price fell in line with other BOMs that offered fabric.  To my surprise when it came in the mail, just a pattern no fabric.

2. Which brings me to my second point.  I loved the BOM because the fabric and pattern complemented each other so well.  But I’ve discovered that sometimes when the BOM is designed and quilted it is done in fabric that is available at that time, by the time it is published and sold that fabric line might not be available anymore.  If you love the BOM because of the fabric in the original design and only want to do it in that fabric you might want to make sure it is available still.

Anyways….My friend Valerie runs a great online business called PastimesOnline. She is offering 5 BOMs, which will be starting pretty darn soon too.  She is offering:

Crabapplehill’s HocusPocusVille,Cinderberry Stitches’ Truly Scrumptious, Lynette Anderson’s Crazy Christmas, and Sue Daley’s Pies and Tarts

I can’t wait to start a couple of them myself. Her FULL KITS come with all fabric for front,  Jeval dupioni silks, cottons, silk pins, sewing machine needles, embroidery needles, Weeks Dye Works floss, step by step cutting instructions, access to private blog postings videos and sew much more including tips and techniques.  Isn’t that something else?

Why I am sharing this all with you?  Because I love BOMS.  It means every month I have something small (sometimes small) to work on.  Why did I tell you all about Valerie and her shop, because I think she is offering some TREMENDOUS BOMS, for great prices (do I need to remind you of everything you are getting?), and because she is a friend and I’m proud of her work.

Well thats all for me today. Try a BOM sometime, they are lots of fun. I’ll be sharing my along the way.



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