Mug Rug’s for Christmas

Mug rugs seem to be the latest trend in mini quilts right now and I for one am in love with them.

Mug rugs are little quilts that range in size from about 4″ – 8″ by 4″ – 10.5″ where you can put your mug.  Basically in simple terms, a placemat for your mug and cookie or scone or whatever else you have with your morning beverage.

I really wanted to try them out so I decided that I would make one for each of the girls in my small group.  I had so many sketches of what I could make for each of them, but couldn’t decide, so I asked each of the girls to send me a picture of their favorite mugs so I could create a mug rug that would match it.

Becky sent me a picture of this fun shaped mug that was teal and blue.  I had some great teal and blue fabric and decided to make some dresden flowers in 3 of the corners leaving her room in the other corner for her mug.

Nat said her mugs were dull so I wanted to give her a fun little and a little saying to help her on days when the day matches her dull mugs.  By the way, I thought her mug was a really cool shape and not dull at all.

Lauren sent me pictures of some really unique mugs and there was a teal/red one that I loved and came up with a great lattice effect in teal and red with teal stitching to match the lines on the mug.  Then I made it, hated it, and started again.  Instead I did a paper pieced gnome and mushroom that was from artisania’s free patterns. I like it much better.

Joey unfortunately didn’t send me a picture because she was moving and her mugs are still in boxes, so I came up with this little number on my own.  I used my favorite fabrics from Basic Grey’s Figgy Pudding collection.

This year our guild is exchanging stockings so I made a fabric loose leaf paper with little saying a picture to go along with the saying. I think it turned out pretty well.  I hope my partner likes it.

Learned Today:

Mug rugs are a great way to get started in quilting because they are small, but that means that some of the pieces are small too which can be a pain in the big toe.



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2 responses to “Mug Rug’s for Christmas

  1. Nat

    Thank you for my mug rug!! I will be keeping it on my desk at work so I can enjoy my coffee and snacks everyday!!

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