What a Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone.  I hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating with your family and friends.

The last week has been busy for us.  We spent some time in Edmonton, Sherwood Park to be exact, with Nate’s family and attended one of his closest friend’s wedding.  It was a tad bit chilly in Edmonton and I instantly regretted my choice of not wearing pants to the wedding instead my my choice of a dress and sheer nylons.

This year I scoured the stores for a nativity pattern for Nate’s mom as she collects them.  I found a really nice one at Village Quilts in Lethbridge.

It was pretty much all applique and some of those pieces were really tiny – especially the hands, feet and beard.  But I enjoyed making it quite a bit.

When we returned on the 23rd we went straight to work on preparing for our Christmas Eve party with my family.  I baked 18 star cookies in various sizes so I could put together a star cookie tree.

Did you know that some of the stores were open 24 hours on the 23rd through the 24th?  Well they were, I went on the 24th at 7am to pick up the perishable items that we needed for our party.  Nate and I were quite the pair that day.  After returning from the store I found Nate back in bed because he wasn’t feeling well, so I iced the cookie tree (finished product pictured above) and cleaned, planned and got ready for the day.  By the time Nate was feeling better, which was the time it took to  watch Miracle on 34th street (the original) twice and starting on White Christmas for the second time, I was feeling rough.  I retreated to the couch, after much convincing, while Nate began preparing the dishes, with help from our guests.  What a sad thing really, our guests had to put our their own meal, while I was sipping ginger ale in bed.  I came down for presents and desserts but just watched everyone eat.  They all said it was a good meal, but alas after all my hard work I was unable to sample any of it.

On Christmas day, after horrible nights of sleep for both of us, we opened our presents while Molly pushed her new bone around the room (it was a bit big to carry around).  I was spoiled forsure.  Nate surprised me with the EQ7 software and the software so I am able to run it on my mac.  I’m having a great time learning how to use it and all the possibilities with it.  I got Nate a Kindle, but it hasn’t come yet, so he got to open the Kindle Sleeve.

During the afternoon I downloaded my software while watching The Big Bang Theory Marathon, still feeling ill on the sofa.  In the afternoon we were off to my parent place for presents and our turkey dinner.  I was starting to feel better too, which was nice.

This year I made my parent’s quilts for Christmas.  Dad’s I made during a class from the summer time.  It is a flannel rag quilt based on the original turning twenty design, but only uses 12 fat quarters instead.


For my Mom I made the Party of Four quilt from the Fun Quilts Company. She saw the quilt at the Trunk Show last year and really loved the fabrics so I ordered the kit and have been working on it for a little while.  One day I’ll share how it came together and the process of it.


For a lap quilt it sure turned out bigger then I figured it would be. Oh well, I think they both turned out really well.

Funny enough, my parents got me a Kindle too, expect mine arrived.  Poor Nate.

So that was our Christmas, I hope yours was excellent too.  Yes, and even though I was ill we had a great Christmas.

Hope you all are doing well this season.



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4 responses to “What a Christmas

  1. Nathan

    The quilts look nice. I hope you like your fancy quiltery software.

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