What I did over Christmas Break

This Christmas break was a different one for sure.  As soon as school was done Nate and I were off to Sherwood Park to see his family and attend one of his friend’s wedding – he was in the wedding party.  Once we were back we were gearing up for my family’s Christmas and the Christmas Eve party we were hosting.  It was kind of go, go, go until the 26th.

But as I mentioned before I was under the weather from the 24th on, though I still managed to work on a couple of things during the break.

Since discovering that I could stitch in the car I’ve always made sure that I had some hand work to take with me on road trips.  This trip I took the large panels for the Over the River and Through the Woods Quilt by Crabapple Hill Quilts.  It is an amazing quilt that is in a black and cream color scheme.

Two of the panels are 15″ x 40″ and the middle panel is 12″ x 40″ and are done in a basic black floss in backstitches.  You probably could do this in a different stitch, I just really like the way my backstitches look.  You can kind of see all that I managed to get done in the car and in my down time while I was away in Sherwood Park.  I didn’t do much once back because of how I was feeling, but it is coming along.

The other panels look like….

Part of the third panel is a winter sleigh being pulled by a horse and more trees – those took me hours to stitch.

The middle panel says, “Over the River and Through the Woods…”

I also managed to get my Bible Blocks finished too.  Oh all the half square triangles, why do you vex me?

And the square in a square in Block #2 was quite a scene in it self.

Finally and thankfully I got my sketch done for my Mini QT Swap this round.  Here is a little sneak peak.  Theme: Take Flight.

So what did you work on over break?












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