Oops I did it again – an Update

A while back I shared with you that some how I managed to get myself involved in a few too many projects and activities.

I appreciate very much those who either commented on the blog, saying that to get them done I would have to quit my job, or called me in person to tell me that I would have to drop some.

So I’m here to update you on my progress of which I am rather pleased with.  Though that might change once I put the list up and really see all that is there.

  • a couple BOM clubs through the mail (3 actually)

Two out of the three have started and I am already finished this months requirement.  So I’m ahead on two.  The third is                held up because of the horrible flood in Australia – the patterns are  somewhere floating

  • the Bible Block Quilt (which I am loving so far this year – partly because the fabric Nate picked is so awesome)

I have not yet completed this month’s block, but the fabric is picked and cut, just need to put it together.  I have time this              week to take care of it.

  • the Freebie 15

I haven’t started the 3rd block yet, I have it in my possession, but have yet to start it.  I’m having trouble staying                             motivated on this one.

And that is how I took care of that.  Eliminated it all together.

  • a mystery quilt

I have more cut out, there are a lot of pieces.  I even have some pinned so I can just sew them.

  • a quilt challenge

I am pleased to report that it is 1/2 done right now and I am liking the way it is looking.  I just hope it counts.

  • a pincushion challenge

I know what I’m doing.  Have the materials and pattern ready, just have to do it.

This is still in the same place as it was.  It shouldn’t take too long so I’m putting it off.

  • a bucketlist challenge

I got my patterns, but I think I am just going to have to get these done when I get them done.  The guild said that maybe              this would be a challenge over a couple years.  This is going to be a wait for me.

  • and any other project I hope to accomplish (birthday quilt, end of bed quilt, baby quilts galore – all these friends with babies)

I’m going to quilt retreat in a couple weeks and I am going to take these with me and get to work.  I hope I will be able to            finish at least a couple quilt tops.


That is where I am right now on my projects.  How are yours going?





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