Day Book II # 3

A Brand New Day…

February 6, 2011

As I gaze outside the window…

It is again black outside.  The only lights I can see is the reflection of the lights from our own windows.  It is a bit creepy to be honest.

My thoughts are…

Thirtieth birthdays are hard.  I haven’t had mine yet, but it is coming and I am not happy at all about it.  Nate just had his and seems to be adjusting well – me, I’m not so sure.

I am blessed by…

Friends who try and tell you it is only green rick-rac nothing to have a hissy fit about.

Inspired by…

Doodle Stitchery. – again.  I love it so much.

Creativity is flowing….

On quilting patterns.  I finished two tops this weekend and I really want to free motion something neat on them.

Going, Going, Gone…

No where this second.  Got home from being away for 4 days and tomorrow I turn around and am off for another 3.  Yikes.

Gracing the pages of…

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand.

Hopes and Dreams…

That I will be able to sleep through a night without having to get up to visit a washroom.

I am hearing…

THE SUPERBOWL.  Who to cheer for?  I don’t know.  The Steelers with Ben?  We all know what happened earlier in the year?  Green Bay with the Coach and Rogers – double yuck there.  So tricky if you ask me.

In our home…

Molly is looking cute.  She got a bath and is soft and fluffy.

I ♥…

My Family.

The week will bring…

Band Camp (please don’t even say the line, I will hunt you down and….well it could get messy), Nate’s birthday party.

Here is picture thought I am sharing… Video actually


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