Introducing…THE LIGHT PAD

For Christmas I asked for a light box.  In my quilting I’ve been using more stitchery and applique things and I was tired of having to wait for a sunny day to trace my designs by using the window.

My family wasn’t quite sure which one would be best, so they gave me some money so that I was able to purchase one.

I found the artograph’s light pad.

It is a thinner light box, about as thin as mac book.  It does have an AC adapter, but uses a LED light instead of a light bulb which means the screen is a lot brighter.

This is my light pad with a BOM Design sheet underneath and a piece of white tone on tone fabric on top.  Pretty clear isn’t it?

Because it runs on an LED it is suppose to last longer then then light of a normal light box.  They say that if you run it 4 hours/day it will run for 20 years.  Now I am not about to run my own experiment here to test it out, so I will be just trusting the company on this.  I’ll keep you posted.

For now I am loving it.  I can see my design sheets perfectly, it is light (in weight) and it is so nice to trace on.

They are a little expensive, almost double the amount of the light box but well worth it.  The store I purchased it at let me try both the pad and box and I am thrilled with the outcome.






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2 responses to “Introducing…THE LIGHT PAD

  1. Perry Payne

    How cool! My wife and I were talking about getting a light box and didn’t even know these existed. I think we may have to go with a LightPad ourselves. Thanks for posting this!

    • Jen

      I have been looking at a light box for a long time. I’ve tried many of them and when I walked into the store I thought for sure I would be walking out with the light box.

      But there they were, the light pad, in all its LED glory. I liked the fact that it was not as bulky as the light box and that it was thinner like my macbook.

      The store let me try it to and once I saw what it was capable of, I was hooked. I found mine at an art supply store if you are thinking of looking at one.

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