Quilt Retreat February 2011

The first weekend of February I was able to get away from the city and retreat to Pioneer Lodge in Sundre for a quilt retreat.  It is an annual retreat with member of my quilt guild, friends, and some lovely ladies from Sundre and Rocky Mountain House.

Last February was my first retreat and I had so much fun that I was thrilled I was able to go back.  I headed out on Thursday after classes (I didn’t work Friday because of my teaching schedule) and drove back Sunday afternoon in time for Super Bowl with Nate and Molly.

This year I was not about to repeat my rookie mistake of only taking one project to work on.  It seems I have a condition called TUNNEL VISION.  But not the type of tunnel vision that is a serious eye issue.  But my condition is similar.  You see tunnel vision affects peripheral vision, and loss of it which results in a constricted tunnel-like field of vision. When I sew, I get tunnel vision.  My focus is so much on the project that I am doing that sometimes, alright ALL THE TIME, I don’t quite pay attention to anything else.  I don’t mean to ignore people, but I don’t want to make a mistake either.  I do take breaks so my focus can be on those around me.

Why am I bringing this up?  Well this retreat weekend I worked on a lot of projects and was made fun of, for it.  I worked hard, slowly and carefully, I wanted these to be good work, not just something thrown together.

Now, let me explain a bit.  This weekend I had one goal in mind – finish the top to Nate’s birthday quilt.  Because it was such a focus for me I made sure I had it all cut and laid out at home so I could just sew the pieces together.  And I completed that on Thursday.  As I mentioned I brought lots with me so I worked in order of priority.  I got those done too and some stitching and was able to work on a top that I have been putting together slowly over the year.

1. Nate’s Birthday Quilt

2. Baby Quilt

3. Wild Thing Quilt – with Rick-Rac (I’ll Explain another time)

4. Once Upon A Christmas BOM Block 1

5. Life is Beautiful Blocks and HocusPocusVille Block

– Sorry no picture yet.

6. Hit the Wall hanging – no picture yet

7. Tilt a Whirl Quilt – Again no picture yet.

I’ll get those pictures up ASAP.  I was loosing natural light and didn’t want dark photos.

I worked on quite a bit and am thrilled with the progress.  The wall hanging is finished and up on the wall.  I’ll be doing a post about that as it posed some interesting issues for me.

That is just an overview of camp.  I’ll be sharing each quilt in more detail once they are quilted and finished up.

Learned Today:

Grow a tougher skin.


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