The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt – an Update

I should make the title a LONG OVER DUE UPDATE, and I should have updated a long time ago – but there wouldn’t be much of an update, until now.

For my birthday last year my husband was kind enough to get me the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt as a BOM.  Each month I stalked the mail box for my package to come, excited about fabrics and the traditional little blocks.

But once I got going on the quilt blocks I soon found myself loosing interest, for which I felt horrible about.  I do really love the quilt, the fabrics and the blocks, but I wasn’t as well researched as I should have been when I got it.

My frustrations were:

1. The book didn’t come with rotary cutting instructions, instead it came with a CD with a 100 plus templates that you have to cut out – and transfer to your favorite template system

2. The block sizes in the block assembly photos are 4.75″ where the unfinished block is  6.5″ 6″ .  In the other books the block assembly photos were the actual size of the blocks which meant you had the option of foundation piecing the blocks instead of using all the templates.

Those are my major issues right now.  Its not as though I haven’t been working on it, I have.  I printed out all 100 plus blocks and have been slowly cutting them out and organizing them.

I even managed to complete a block – yes one block.  It is embarrassing for sure.  This is block #2.  Why I did block 2 instead of 1 is beyond me, but it is one block done.

So here is what I am purposing.  I am on a mission to finish this sampler quilt.  So I will complete 2 blocks/week post the picture, tell you about the “joy” of that block and finish the 111 blocks in 55 weeks.  I hope.  I will!

111 blocks total – 1 block finished = 110 to go.



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17 responses to “The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt – an Update

  1. I bought this book and am going to do the same as you – I am determined to finish it, since I broke down and bought the book. I was, admittedly, a little disappointed it didn’t come with rotary cutting instructions. I was also a little disappointed the patterns are one per page to print – kind of wasteful. But, I have the book, and it’s lovely – so I’ll follow you and try to get mine done too!

    • Jen

      Yeah Julie! I’m glad to hear you are coming along the journey with me.
      I totally agree with you. I was shocked when I was printing out my pages to see that one template was per page – meaning 100 plus pages for some templates being 2″ square.
      Thanks for stopping by, looking forward to following you and seeing what your blocks look like.
      – Jen

  2. Mary

    I was so glad to find your blog! My sister and I are making this quilt together. I have the first half of the book-I will do two of each block, one for her and one for me, then I will get half of my sisters blocks and make her quilt for her and she will do mine. We did this with Eleanor Burns Magic Vine using reproduction fabrics and ended up with two beautiful and unique quilts.
    I am completely overwhelmed by the Farmers Wife quilt! I have only been quilting for about a year and the lack of direction in this book has me fearful to even start. I will tackle it, and get my 56 (x2) blocks done, but I am glad that I am not the only one that is lacking motivation. I LOVE the book and it’s historical value, and I guess our grandmothers did not have rotary cutters on the farm/ranch in the 1920, but I am spoiled!

    • Jen

      Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. What a neat idea that you and your sister are sharing the creating of this quilt.

      I find this one overwhelming too. There is just such little direction with the quilt. It seems like it really makes assumptions about a quilters understanding.
      For example in the book they list the block size of 6″. Unfinished or finished? Most other patterns that I have worked with specify.

      The blocks are 6.5″ unfinished. If you trim them to 6″ unfinished you will cut off part of your hard work and then the sashing won’t fit. I found this out by measuring the sashing templates and seeing how they were suppose to fit.

      Also I found cutting the sashing and setting triangles easier to do with a rotary cutter without the template. I measured the templates first, wrote the measurements in the book and then rotary cut them in long strips and then cut them down as I needed.

      I hope your blocks go really well.
      Wishing you the best.

      • Jen,
        You did all the measuring I’m about to do! Do you by chance have a list you could share so we dont have to kill more trees just to rotary cut?
        I would be eternally greatful!

  3. I am pleased to have found this blog as I, too, have begun stitching The Farmer’s Wife quilt. After looking at the book on the ‘Net for several weeks I finally succumbed and bought it. Apart from the slowness of printing out, and making templates [lol … pieces of nice card are now important] I am enjoying the stitching … by hand, as I think that is easier, and certainly the result is better. The blocks measure 6.5″, but we don’t trim them as the quarter inch on each side will be for joining, bringing the size down to 6″.
    It is lovely to know others are attempting the same journey!

    • Merilyn

      Hi, I am in the same boat in that I love the quilt & am disappointed that the diagrams are smaller than the actual blocks & no directions for rotary cutting. So far I have managed to work out and complete a few blocks for rotary cutting (happy to share them). Some I have put on the back burner for when my brain is fresh!! Also I think it would have been a good idea to cross reference the instructions with the photo & story. However I am persevering & enjoying it so far.

      • Jen

        Merilyn, It is such a shame about the book that way. Her other books did not do this at all. The diagrams where the finished block size so you could measure and add seam allowances. Oh well, working through the blocks slowly.

    • Jen

      Shirlwin, You are stitching them by hand? Wow. Good for you. I am afraid of doing that I must admit. Your blocks are looking terrific though.

      • Hi Jen, I am enjoying stitching the blocks by hand … something I can sit and do in the evening. I am working my way through them relatively easily, though I will say here and now “I DISLIKE template 13”. It is difficult drawing around the inner. Thankfully there is nearly always an easy one following:)
        How are you going?

      • Jen

        Hey Shirlwin, I hear what you are saying about template 13. I’m glad you are making good progress. I am at a stand still. I have done a few blocks, but have more to do then I have done that is for sure, but I’m not that happy with them. I didn’t realize the block size in time. When I looked for the finished vs unfinished size I read different things. Some said 6″ unfinished, some said 6.5″. I didn’t find the book clear on that either. I went with the majority who said 6″ unfinished. So I started trimming – and points got cut off. I can’t decide whether to start over again or just keep going with points cut off.

  4. Dawn

    Beware of the digital version of this book because it doesn’t include the templates AT ALL. Currently, I’m awaiting reply from the publisher so I can get started on it. I really don’t want to try to create my own template sizes when I know that they are available on the CD. Digital download from doesn’t come with CD

    • Jen

      Thanks for the heads up on the digital book Dawn. That is terrific to know. Wish you luck on hearing back from the publisher.

  5. Pam Evans

    I’m very disappointed that Farmer’s Wife did not come with cutting instruction’s

  6. Leslie Wall

    Hi all I am just going to start the Farmers wife. So 6.5 is the block size. I am happy to hear that. A friend is testing and came up with 6.25 and 6 3/8. So the seam width will need to be adjusted on her machine

    • Jen

      Yep each lock should be 6.5 unfinished. If you trim it to 6″ like the book says but doesn’t clarify you will be cutting off points.

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