Take Flight – Mini QT Swap

The December Mini QT Swap’s theme was TAKE FLIGHT!  The possibilities were endless.  Bugs, fairies, airplanes, butterflies. kites, balloons.

My partner was from Buenos Aires, Argentina and she made mention that she liked little bird or fairies.  Since I had not idea how to do a cute fairy I went with birds.  I designed a little quilt with two plump little birds.  One learning to fly and having a rough go of it and the other hiding out behind a tree avoiding it at all costs.  My partner loved bright colors so I went with bright pinks and greens instead of the blues I had originally planned.


I sent the mini quilt at the beginning of February and reached its destination just the other day.  I’m so glad it made it in one piece or at all.  I was worried it wouldn’t and I loved making this one.

To start the crazy journey my little bird goes on (essentially falling out of the tree) I hand stitched a saying by Guy Finley, “If you never leap, you’ll never know what its like to fly.”

Its funny.  I’m not actually a person who really leans towards pinks in my fabric choices, but I think I like the pink even more then my original thought of the blue.  I might actually have to make one of these for myself.






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2 responses to “Take Flight – Mini QT Swap

  1. Nat

    It’s so pretty. Love the pink and green combo!

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