FWSQ: More Blocks Done

I know I’m behind on my updates, its been a busy week to say the least.  I actually finished these blocks on Feb. 28 and didn’t get around to posting till now.

Wednesday was my 30th birthday.  I wasn’t going to tell you that, as I seem to be having some trouble with that fact that 30 is the age.

The morning of my 30th birthday I spent at school running a jazz band rehearsal.  When I arrived I noticed I didn’t have my school keys – first time in 6 years of teaching.  After I finished my rehearsal, where I received wonderful cards from the kids, even the “too cool” grade 9 boys whose where hand made with markers, I headed home to hunt for the keys.  I combed the parking lot of school thinking I dropped them when I took out my car keys.  Once home, Molly and I tore up the house.  I checked coats, pockets, laundry baskets, shoes (sometimes they fall in there), Clement (my car), the garage, yard, and mailbox.  NOTHING.  So I called the Esso station where I got gas the day before.  NOTHING.  I called another school where I was working in the afternoon, NOTHING.  I was totally freaking out at the point and running out of time because I was suppose to have lunch with a friend.  So I got in the car and drove to the Esso to look for myself.  There I was in the parking lot of the HUGE ESSO slowly wandering around the pumps, parking lot, and sidewalk looking for my red key ring.  And guess what?  NOTHING.  So I drove to the school I was at and scoured their parking lot.  NOTHING.  So I went inside to check their theatre, but my friend stopped me and asked why I was there visiting, I told her my woes and she said they had just been handed in.  YEAH!

Anyways, that was Wednesday morning, I had a lovely lunch, did a pull your teeth out one by one rehearsal, Nate took me to dinner to celebrate and my small group had a surprise cake.  Thursday and Friday were busy as well and more rehearsals.

Moving right a long.  I cut out 4 blocks, but only put together 3 as I made a GINORMOUS mistake with the half square triangles and had to do some fancy piecing to get them right.  A PAIN.  I’m not happy overall with the blocks and I might redo them at the end.  For now I’m moving forward.

I’m now starting from the top right corner and will start adding in the setting triangles and sashing as well.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

107 blocks left – 3 block finished = 104 to go



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2 responses to “FWSQ: More Blocks Done

  1. These look great! Gets me motivated to get some more of mine done. Are you doing them in order, or picking them based on which one is most motivating? I’ve been doing them in order, for fear I’ll get to the end and decide not to do some. But, again, they look great – I can’t wait to see when you start putting it together.

    • Jen

      I was doing them in order, but then I just had a bunch of blocks all over the place so new plan for me. I am starting in the top left corner of the quilt (#14) and working my way down row by row. I’ll attach those rows with the sashing and setting triangles.

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