Color Block Baby Quilt

Emma Joy was born on February 19, 2011 to my friends.  She was 5 weeks early, but doing well.  Her mom is an old friend of mine from high school, she is CRAZY – in a totally good way.

This was at my wedding, but she is like this all the time.  Together we have done some very silly stuff.  We’ve pretended we were tourists and toured our city taking silly pictures with the statues and monuments.  We were often dancing and singing in the halls and even once was doing our best impression of Singing in the Rain with full actions and rain (as we splashed each together with water from the sink) just before our band teacher walked in the bathroom asking what we were doing.

Anyways, Emma was born to wonderful parents.  That little girl will have crazy and fun adventures with her mom.

When I heard there was a baby on the way, it said to me BABY QUILT!

They weren’t going to find out before hand if it is was a boy or a girl so I had to go with something that would work for both.

I decided to make it hers and only hers so I free motion quilted her name it and quilt around it.

Look at the fun stripe that is the back and the binding.  I bought this kit at Connecting Threads.  I really like it is cute.

I used some wicked fun variegated thread in primary colors to quilt it.  It was so much fun to do.  I loved making this quilt.

I really hope little Emma likes it.  I can’t wait to give it to her.



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2 responses to “Color Block Baby Quilt

  1. What a beautiful quilt and heartfelt gift…wonderful

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