Where did March go?

I can’t believe it is March 25.  I’m having a lot of trouble with it because none of the projects that I should have done are done.  NONE OF THEM.  They are started, some even 80% done, but not a 100% done.  Some not eve looked at.  Needless to say I am once again behind on the FWS Quilt.

March went like a whirl wind for me.  The first week it was my birthday and I was super busy with rehearsals for a spring production I was a part of. Then band camp and more rehearsals.  The third week brought the spring musical performances, more rehearsals, late late nights and a festival performance – and I managed to get really really sick.  This week, the fourth, was another band camp, lots of teaching, another rehearsal.  With everything going on, not much has gotten done.

As I mentioned I did manage to get a little bit done.  The three BOM stitcheries are done, just not put into any blocks.

Though while I was waiting at rehearsals, for students to go to sleep and before I could fall asleep I was stitching.  I’m working on a neat little piece, a heart that is shaped with words.  I’ll post a picture once I’m done.

I also made this.

Pinocchio!  That was this year’s spring production and I made this little wall hanging for my friend, a director of the play, as a thank you for allowing me to be part of the production.

The pattern is from So September.  It was great to work with and super fun to do.  I’m going to have to stitch a second one – one just for me.

Thats what I’ve been up to.  It isn’t that much and I feel bad things aren’t done, but that was just how March went.

Learned Today:

Life happens when you make other plans.


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