BOMs – how i love thee

Hi everyone.  I hope you are all well.  Things are finally settling down, things are coming off my plate and I have actually been able to relax a bit – though my muscles haven’t loosened up yet 😦

Over the past few months I’ve been busy stitching and sewing away my monthly BOMs (Blocks of the month).  I have three each month that I’ve been working on.   So far I’ve managed to keep up with the work of getting each of them complete.  Some months have naturally been easier then others, this month I honestly didn’t think I would get them done.

On Monday, first day of spring break, I had a power sewing day.  The stitching was done and all the was left to do was put them into the blocks. Some of them are pickier then others so I was worried that there would be no way.  But amazingly I got them finished and not in a sloppy way either.

Life is Beautiful.

I love this BOM so much.  The stitching goes really quick, which is nice, and the little patterns are just wonderful.  The blocks themselves take forever to do though.  You make your 4 patch, you applique the circle on, you cut the back of the circle out to applique on another 4 patch, then cut the back of that circle out….etc, etc, etc.  It takes a bit.  But super cute.

Month 1

Month 1

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Hocuspocus Ville

Crabapple Hill designed this Halloween theme stitchery quilt.  Each month you stitch a fun shop, home, or part of a Halloween Village.  Originally stitched in all black, we are adding bits of orange to add a pop of color.  The layout of this one is also very different from the original.  I really like stitching this one.  I have really enjoyed her patterns.  I’ve done a few of them now.

Crazy Christmas

A Lynette Anderson production which features fun little stitcheries in a crazy patch quilt.  The applique we are doing in wool and using silk floss to stitch.  I really like the crazy patch and can’t wait to put the decorative stitches on.

Learned Today:

Sometimes the mountain of sewing you have to do, is more like a little mol hill – relax.


















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