FuNQi Quilt Challenge

The guild I’m in does these guild challenges every year.  We start them in September and show them off in June.

This year I decided to do 4 of the challenges – which has now become two because 4 was too much for me to do with all the other projects I wanted to accomplish this year.   I could have gotten all four done, but then I would have set aside other things which mattered a lot to me.

All year I’ve been working on my mystery quilt, but I don’t think I’m going to get it quilted in time.  It has been a real slow process for me.  I haven’t really enjoyed it as much as I thought I would.  I can’t figure out if it is because of the fabrics I picked or because cutting out 196 little rectangles hasn’t been as fun as I wanted. How was I to know?

Anyways, I’m doing the pincushion challenge and have my templates ready to go.  I’ve also been working on my FuNQi Quilt Challenge.  We were to create a quilt, 120″ in area (30×30 minimum), using 10 different fabrics, and only using ONE QUILT BLOCK!

I looked at many blocks and tried to figure out which one I would want to do.  I really wanted to do something scrappy, using the batik fabric that my Grandpa gave me.  One night I was in a local quilt shop working on a Christmas Quilt for my Dad when I saw the block on the wall in another quilt.  I sketched it out and knew right away that was what I had been searching for.   During Christmas break, I EQ7ed the block with different settings and sizes and layouts until I was able to create a layout I was pleased with but also fit the rules.

My block is a 16 patch with a pair of triangles on all sides.  When all the blocks are together the triangles form a pinwheel – that was an accident – I sure didn’t see that at first.  I have over 40 fabrics in this.  It was a lot of cutting – but unlike the mystery quilt i enjoyed doing this cutting – weird.

It is just a plethora of colors with pops of yellow and red – which I love the most because it is this cheeriness amidst the blues, greens and muddy purples.

This week I’ve taken time to baste it and plan out how to quilt it.  I originally thought I would quilt the cathedral windows in the 16 patches and then something else in the other blocks. Then I practiced and practiced and they sucked and sucked worse – so change of plan.

I headed over to one of my fav blogs “The Free Motion Quilting Project”  to find some inspiration by skill level – beginner all the way.  I’ve always been drawn to motifs with echoing, spirals, swirls, or a floral design.  I decided to use Loopy Flower for the 16 patches and Ocean Current  in the other squares.

So I’m working away at it – have about 1/2 of it quilted, but needed a break because my loopy flowers were getting messy.

Can’t wait to see it when it is done – I’m really pleased with how it is turning out.

Learned today: Some quilting motifs take hours upon hours to get right.


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