Hooterville Baby Quilt

I love owls, which is funny because in real life I don’t much care for anything that flies.  I don’t like birds, butterflies, owls – anything that can swoop at me.  I know butterflies?  But it is true, they freak me out, which is why I don’t go in butterfly houses at the zoo.

Anyways, owls and little cute birds in quilting and sewing projects I love.  So does a friend of mine, Karen.  She is having a baby, any day now in fact and decided to do her nursery in owls.

I found this cute pattern and kit at Connecting Threads and wanted to get it for myself – but had to stop myself because really why would I need an owl quilt?  But when my friend Karen said she was doing an owl theme I ordered it so I could at least make it.

Aren’t these owl cute?  I love the silly little eyes – french knots.

I quilted it this the other day.  I stitched in the ditch around the hour glass blocks and stippled around the trees and owls as tightly as I could .

I can’t wait to give to Karen’s new baby.  I hope they love it.

Learned Today: Next time I will also stitch down the owls to the quilt, not just the background squares so the don’t stick up.



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6 responses to “Hooterville Baby Quilt

  1. Nathan

    Your owls are cute. Maybe if they looked like that in real like you would like them.

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  3. Marianne McGinty

    any chance of getting the directions on how to make the baby quilt? thank you !

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