Embroidery Floss – Some Thoughts

Stitching is awesome.  I love it and spend hours doing it.  I love the motion of stitching, the tracing or doodling a pattern, and I love the floss.  I remember when I was younger, spending time at my Grandpa and Grandma’s house in Lethbridge for a couple of days for a visit.  Everytime I was there Grandma and I would go shopping and do some sort of craft.  My Grandma is an amazing sewist.  She sews just about everything – curtains, clothing – you name it.

This is a dress she made for me for my friend Erik and Sheena’s Wedding.  (I was the best “man”).  Their wedding was on Dec. 28 so Grandma was kind enough to make me a bolero so I wouldn’t be as cold.

Anyways, anytime I was up in Lethbrigde Grandma and I would try a different craft.  We did knitting (new to me, but not to her), painting, one stroke painting (I was not good at this), crocheting, Airbrush painting, t shirt dying, decoupage, ribbon embroidery, and cross stitch. I liked them all, and was better at some then the others.  I love the ribbon embroidery and stitching.  I think thats why I’m drawn to it now – those times with Grandma.

Now you know the background, but here is why I’m writing.  So far I’ve tried 4 different kinds of embroidery floss.



Weeks Dye Works


Some have been terrific, some frustrating and some I think I will never use again.  These are my thoughts on them, my opinions.  If you disagree, no problem, but this is what I’ve found from my experience.

DMC – it is widely available to me.  I can find it for about 46 cents at Michaels to $2.99 at some of the quilting stores.  It has a lot of colors and shades.  Sometimes I find that the shades of color are so close to another one I can’t really tell the difference.  This is a floss I’ve used the most, simply because it is so available and affordable to me.  I haven’t had trouble with knotting – unless it was my fault, and the finished product I’ve always been happy with.  What I don’t like is that fact that they have re numbered some of their colors for example 199 is now 3042 (not really the right numbers, but you get my drift) and when using an old pattern they have the old numbers and I get annoyed when I can’t find the numbers in the store.  Often times those patterns just list the color numbers and not the names – maybe if I had the names I would have better luck.

Presencia – A lot of people really like this, I do not.  I will never use this thread again.  I’m using only one color of it right now so I can’t speak to all the colors they have.  But I have never had so many problems with a floss before.  It tangles, knots and does not separate well.  I am uphappy with it.

COSMO – I love this.  I just started using it and am so impressed with it.  The colors are bright and vibrant.  The floss it self is silky and has such a nice feel to it.  It stitches beautifully and I haven’t yet (knock on wood) had any knots or tangles.  I just wish I knew a place that sold the line.  I know a store that sells some it – but not all of it.  Maybe I have to hunt for it on line?

Weeks Dye Works – I’m using this floss for two of the BOMs I’m working on.  I’ve used both their 2 strand spool and the 6 strand.

I’ve really enjoyed using the 2 strand.  It has been so nice to just thread the needle and stitch.  What a nice option for people to have.  I’ve also been using their 6 strand.  It is also very nice to work with.  Unlike the other floss which is usually about 8m/skein (bundle) this one is just 5 m/skein.  Which sometimes is a bit of a pill.  I haven’t seen the whole color range, but the ones I’ve seen are more muted in tones. They stitch beautifully, but I haven’t found them to pop as much as the Cosmo.  Right now I know of a couple places selling them, but I don’t know if they are selling the whole color line and the prices have ranged from $1.50 – 3.50/skein.  That can add up in a project.

So those are my thoughts on floss.

Which is your favorite?  Why?  Which will you never use again?  



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3 responses to “Embroidery Floss – Some Thoughts

  1. Hi Jen, what a great review. I don’t have an opinion on Prescenthia (?sp) or Cosmo but I do agree with your Week Dye Work review and DMC I’ve used both extensively and agree with your pricing review on both 🙂 it does suck to run out of floss during the month you need it trust me I know:-/ I think maybe Weeks over commits sometimes and can’t keep up to the demand. Also with regards to the colour saturations with Cosmo being so much more vibrant you’ll get this because they are processed by machine where as Weeks is all hand dyed and gives more muted tones. Just my two bits

  2. Jen

    Thanks for the info on the Weeks floss. I should have known that because it was hand dyed that that would influence the color. Thanks for the reminder on that. Never thought about them over committing. That is very likely.

  3. Hi Jen,
    The makers of Cosmo threads are really happy about the review you did of their threads. Nireko from Lecien fabrics wants to send you some threads to play with, if your interested can you email me your postal addy so she can mail you something?
    thanks Lynette

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