April’s BOM

FINISHED! For this month anyway the BOMs that I have.  I’m amazed that I have been able to keep up on these, that before the end of the month I am able to finish them, take a photo of them, and submit them for the monthly show and tell.

Some months have been easier then others for sure.  This month was tight too.  Not March tight (2 festivals, 2 band camps, 5 spring performances, birthday), but tight for other reasons.  This month I ran out of embroidery floss on two of my projects.  I was almost done stitching 2 of the three projects by the time I went back to school after spring break, but then I ran out.  I had ran out in March on my hocuspocus ville block too, so I was in bad shape.

The Crazy Christmas block this month was surprisingly time consuming this month.  There was a lot of little lazy daisy stitches (they are a stitch that looks like a little petal or leaf) and french knots (little knots).

Life is Beautiful was straight forward.  This month I tried to incorporate little tiny chain stitches around the flowers in the little puppy block.  I liked them a lot and will use them more often.

The hocuspocus ville block this month was one of my favorite to stitch.  It is a creepy apothecary.  I like the little sense of humor that is in each block “Lost: small dog.  Call Dorothy” with a twister beside it.

I connected the first 4 blocks together and created the centre for my quilt.  Coming out pretty good I think.

I wonder what blocks are coming this month?


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  1. Hi again, loving the boms and you are keeping up each month plus finishing other projects too. Way to go!

    I’ll likely see you Friday for Fun Quilts so looking forward to it!!

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