Tilt a Whirl

Seven months ago I started this top.  Nine months ago I bought the kit for this while I was out with Grandma.  What took my so long?  So many things.  I’ve been working away at this slowly for the past seven months.  In October when I was at quilt retreat  I brought this with me, thinking that it would be my “in case I ran out of things to do” quilt.  In fact I did, so I started it. It was a lot of cutting (not as much as the mystery quilt mind you), but a lot of cutting none the less.  And because I am a completely linear and a planned person I planned out which centre would go on what background, would be boardered in what.  It took a long time, I only got one block done.

Taking us to February’s quilt retreat.  I brought the Tilt a Whirl fabric with me as another in CASE.  Who would guess that after finished 6 projects I would run out again.  So I got started again.  And because it was all planned out it went together fairly quickly.

Though I must say, with all it planned out, I was very afraid that I would mix up my order so my chain piecing didn’t go as quickly as possible.  Oh well.  Will I be so rigid next time?  I just don’t know.

Last month I was on set up crew at guild so I stayed and sewed.  I managed to get all but 2 blocks done.  I got them done at home, put them on the design wall to plan the layout and put the rows together last week.

This quilt will be for our bed room, as either a bed cover or a quilt for the end of the bed.  I’m going to quilt it in an overall motif, but not sure which one yet.



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5 responses to “Tilt a Whirl

  1. lovely quilt… perfect for a bedroom. Calm and sophisticated!!

  2. WOW Jen that turned out sew good. I’m in love that’s for sure:)

    • Jen

      Thanks Valerie. I’m so happy with how it turned out. I thought it would just be a small lap quilt, but it ended up being way bigger then I thought.

  3. Great post thanks for sharing. You have a great layout here. Quilting is something I really enjoy doing. It passes the time and is very relaxing.

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