May = outdoor quilting

I wish!  Don’t you?  I would love to take my sewing machine outside and quilt under the umbrella in my back yard.  I could hear the birds cheep until  Molly chases them out of the yard.  I could watch her run around the yard chasing imaginary birds or whatever else she thinks she sees or even watching her dig at ants or try to catch flies.  I could sit on the chairs in the shade sipping lemonade and working away on my latest project.  It could be so much fun.  I would need an extension chord so I am able to plug my machine in, but I’ve measured and I have one long enough too – but alas Nate has put a kibosh on my plan.

What are my other options?  Well I guess I can do other sewing type things in the back yard instead.  Like…..well reading a pattern or book, planning a quilt, sketching some free motion motifs, maybe I could cut out some fabric for a project, or work on my hand stitching.

Today is proving to be a wonderful day outside.  On my deck the thermometer reads 20 degrees Celsius and I wanted to spend some time outside.  I’m really anxious to work in my garden this year as it is in need of a complete overhaul.

It is looking pretty sad right now – but we literally just had all our snow melt – which means that the mud is still very wet – I lost my boot it in the other day and had to hoop out of mud, lay on the grass and try to pull my boot out.

My Travelocity Gnome has held up the fort well over the winter, but as you see in the right bottom corner (the big pile of grass and plants) some horrible plants and grass have begun to invade – I guess it was too much for one gnome.  The big pile is what I’ve already dug up.  Nate informed me that he HATED a couple of plants that I had and wanted them gone.  I agree that they were attracting the wrong kind of things for the garden, but they had such cute flowers – needless to say I dug them up.  I also had to get rid of an invader that took over my peony and perennial sage, I don’t know how it got in the garden, but one spring it showed up.

Here is the boot sucking bed.  I’m avoiding that one till it is a bit more dry and until all the mud comes off my boot.

Anyways, while I was outside today, enjoying the sun, after planning what I was going to do to the garden, I decided to spend some more time outside.  We haven’t put out the chairs yet, so I had to think of an activity to do.  I came up with cutting and planning backs to some quilt tops I have.  I have three right now that I am anxious to finish so I rounded them up, found the backing material I bought for them and my scissors and headed to the deck.  It is one of the only spaces that is actually big enough to lay a quilt out and still be able to move around it.

This is my WILD THING quilt from Thimble Blossom.  I worked on the top in February at the quilt retreat.  The whole quilt is done in MODA’s MOMO “Free Bird” fabric.  Itsn’t it fun?  I also cut the back to a charm pack quilt that I made way back last year and just haven’t got around to backing.  The Tilt a Whirl quilt I shared earlier this week was also on my plan to back.

This huge quilt is Nate’s.  It was his birthday quilt.  Made with Connecting Threads “Quilters Candy”.  It is from the pattern Foreign Currency by Cherri House.  Nate said there was no rush to get it quilted, but at least I’m one step closer by cutting out and planning the back to it.

Molly was really good while we were working.  She didn’t step on any of the quilt tops or backs.  I was worried about because she was playing in the yard chasing imaginary birds.  But by the end she was so hot, she had to find some shade beneath the deck bench.

Now with those backs cut out and planned I can piece them together and spend some time basting them.

So what sewing activity do you like to do outside?  



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2 responses to “May = outdoor quilting

  1. You don’t need an extension cord…you need a hand-crank Singer. Look for a portable from the 1920’s. Some of them were electrified, but there are lots of places to get the replacement hand crank mechanism. 🙂 I love mine.

    • Jen

      What a wonderful idea Sharyn. I am going to have to look for one of those. Thank you so much for sharing that with me.

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