Day Book II #14

A Brand New Day…

May 8, 2011

As I gaze outside the window…

Rain.  We have moved from snow to rain now.  At least we can see the grass and have some hope that we can soon work in the yard, or be outside.

My thoughts are…

On a lot of things.

I am blessed by…

Husbands and Puppies who try to comfort you when you are down.

Inspired by…

Art work

Creativity is flowing….

On quilting motifs.  I’m sketching them in my note book, on shower doors, napkins, notices, envelopes.

Going, Going, Gone…

just work.

Gracing the pages of…

Just finished Cutting for Stone.  I started Apothecary’s Daughter, until I realized I better start the Marie Antoinette book instead because it will take a long time – its written like a text book.

Hopes and Dreams…

My hope is that people will stop moving away from me.

I am hearing…

“Criminal Minds”

In our home…

It is pretty quiet.  Everyone is pretty tired today.

I ♥…


The week will bring…

Book Club, work, boot camp, rehearsal, concert, meeting.

Here is picture thought I am sharing… 

We made Crepes for Mother’s Day – they were wonderful. 



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4 responses to “Day Book II #14

  1. Nat

    That looks delish!!

  2. jdpauls

    they were delicious.
    and it was a lovely mother’s day.

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