Fun Quilts Trunk Show

I love FUN QUILTS!  I love the colors they use, how simple they make their instructions, how truthful they are with their instructions and experience levels, and what kind people they are.

My Mom, my friends Paula and Anne and I went to the Fun Quilts Trunk Show that was held last Friday at the Millarville Community Church.  Bill Kerr, from Fun Quilts, had been in town since Thursday hosting a design/quilt workshop – which unfortunately I was not able to attend.  Though Paula did and she said is was incredible.  He brought the 10 quilts that were featured in their latest book, Quilts Made Modern.

I love watching Bill Kerr’s quilt shows and lectures.  He always starts with a lecture about quilts or the design process they they work through and share stories about their process and design style.  Then he shows their quilts, and shares funny little stories about them and what happened while they were making them.

This year he talked about the concept of their book Quilts Made Modern, how their goal, “is to offer veteran quilters some new techniques and ways of thinking, as well as to provide renewed enthusiasm for traditional technique that we’ve given a modern slant.”  He talked about the functionality of quilts, how they were made, what their purpose was, how they went along with the times and culture.  They looked at the log cabin with piecing, drunkards path with curves, the crazy quilt with embroidery and plethora of fabric and the baltimore with the applique.  Quilts Made Modern offers 10 projects that are modern day versions of those.  They have a great pattern, Small Change, that is piecing and hand quilting.  Birds on a Wire for applique, Transparent for piecing, Improv for the crazy quilt affect and Round About for curves.

Its funny after the trunk shows with Bill, I find myself more in love with the book because I know the back story to the book.

I’m sorry the pictures aren’t terrific, it was evening, dark outside, inside.  I did my best, you really should see them in person, or buy their book.


At first glance this looks like it is made with solids – nope small print fabric all the way.


Double Dutch – using reproduction 1930s fabric

Round About

Round About – Quilting

Big Dots

Fashion District


Small Change

Beach Glass

Birds on a Wire

So that was the trunk show.  I loved it, I hope to see them again – they have a new book coming out in November – MORE FUN QUILTS! YEAH!


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  1. Nathan

    The one quilt looks familiar, did you make one like it?

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