May Long – Quilt till I Wilt: Friday

May long weekend means a couple of things to me.

1. Nate is away with his childhood buddies for a golfing weekend

2. RAIN – lots of it meaning it is alright to stay cooped up.

3. An entire weekend for Molly and Me to quilt my heart out.  (alright Molly doesn’t quilt per say, but she is under foot while I do it.)

That was the plan anyways, but things changed, many times.  Nate ended up having to work.  I originally thought all weekend, which actually became just Monday.  Then Nate’s friends were coming down for a day of golf – that changed because of their work.  So instead, it was a weekend with Nate home.  But the amazing thing was Nate said that he wouldn’t interrupt my QUILT TILL I WILT WEEKEND.  He said I could still do everything I planned to do – which meant no eating at the kitchen table because I would be using it.  He would have to fen for himself as I would be eating when I wanted (as long as I still had three meals/day) and staying up until I wilted away.

A common question was, “How is the wilting coming?” or “Have you wilted yet?”

I had two major goals this weekend.   One – to quilt and bind my friend’s going away quilt.  Two – get the pincushions done.

Since Friday was a day off I started my LONG WEEKEND then.  I brought all the stuff up stairs, got everything set up, only to discover I had NO BLACK THREAD.  Since I am a huge fan of the wonderfil, and there is only one place I know that sells it, I was off to the store.

Once I was finally back, I got started.  I decided to stipple all over as I wasn’t sure what kind of quilting she would really like.

I managed to quilt the entire top, plus get the binding on by dinner time on Friday.  It was wonderful.  With the evening free, I finished planning out my pincushions.  I was originally going to make 5 – I’m going to leave it at that for now.   I wilted rather quickly Friday night so early to bed – wicked early to rise.

Anyways, I tried using the wonderfil deco ball thread in my bobbin for quilting.  Ana Buzzalino, who taught the free motion quilting class I took, suggested it.  Funny, enough I ran into her that day and she suggested it again.  It was amazing to work with.  What normally would take me 4 bobbins, only took me two.  It was very nice and smooth.  I am definitely going to try it for other things as well.

Learned Today: Deco ball is awesome.


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One response to “May Long – Quilt till I Wilt: Friday

  1. Nathan

    I’m glad you had fun wilting this weekend. Your quilt and your pincushions look really nice.

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