May Long – Quilt till I Wilt: Saturday

Saturday – A Mixed Bag

As I said, I got up wicked early Saturday morning and after taking Molly for a walk I went straight to work on the pin cushions.  As I mentioned I was going to do 5 of them.  Then re thought this and made 3.  Two are fully finished, one almost – have to stuff it.  The funny thing with pin cushions for me is that they surprising take a long time and some of them are incredibly picky.  I had two designs in mind from the beginning. A hedgehog and Voodoo Doll.  I know creepy, but I thought it would be kind of funny.  Not that this explains my sense of humor at all.  I made one voodoo doll that turned out horribly – I ended up removing his head to salvage the flax seed I stuffed him with, also a morbid image – sorry.

I had trouble with the stuffing part of the pin cushions.  I had made the schnibbles pincushions – the Tuffets, and filled them with the flax seed and it worked terrifically.  I tried that with the two I made.  Both the hedge hog and the voodoo man kept sinking, like they were missing part of their middle.  I had to take them apart and stuff them with other things to keep their shape then the flax seed.  Annoying and really messy.  Flax seed was everywhere.

I had some spare minky fabric and thought it would be great for the hedge hog.  I remade the voodoo doll – so I am sharing my second version, not the first – as he is no longer with us.

Meet Chester.  He doesn’t look happy, but neither would I if I was on pins and needles.  🙂

I was done by noon.  Now what?  I was two days into my four day weekend and had completed everything I wanted to.  I decided to start on a quilt I had cut out a year ago – my go to project for quilt retreat in case I ran out of things to do.  It is one of the Schnibbles, McGruffy.  It seems to be a take on a log cabin or bento box – but either way I like it a lot.

After lunch I headed outside to work in the garden.  It was such a nice day – I was waiting for rain – but none came.  I got some more weeding done and made a mental list of the plants I want to purchase.  Nate was painting a gate and Molly was moping.

By this point I was visiting Nate outside, talking with the neighbour and laughing at their silly little girl motoring around repeating “PUPPY!”

Look how sad this is?  Shortly after this we headed to my folks for a fun dinner and to pick up some chairs.  Once we came home I went back to sewing.  Not really sewing, more like pinning.  I figured that if I had time another full two days I could quilt another quilt.  I was 3/4 done pinning another quilt, so I figured why not.  It was a good thing that I finished the other one, as I needed all the pins I could get my hands on.  I tried to get Nate to help, be he wasn’t interested.  Instead he watched Lawrence of Arabia and ate cookies that my dad baked – which were delicious by the way Dad, the one or two that I got.

Molly decided to stay with me in the basement.  She curled up on some batting and the quilt top of Nate’s.  When I was finally finished I had to pick her up and take her to her bed.  She probably would have stayed there.  It was a good day.

Learned Today: 

Little girls who yell PUPPY are funny, no matter how many times they say it.


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