May Long – Quilt till I Wilt: Sunday and Monday

Sunday was another early morning.  Nate made a nice breakfast while I did a bit of work on the Schnibbles Pattern, McGuffey.

We headed to our church service which was a series on Marriage – today, how men want to be treated.   It was very good, funny in fact.  Once back home, and fed,  I began quilting the Tilt a Whirl Quilt.  It is an Atkinson Pattern in her book called My Red Sofa. I worked till about 8:30 and got it quilted and bound.  By the end my back was so sore and I was done.  I think it is one of the largest quilts I’ve done.  For a lap quilt it is HUGE.

I stippled this one too, but a bit tighter then the other one.  It turned out terrific.

Monday morning I finished the McGuffey top.  I could have basted it and quilted it, but I hadn’t decided how to quilt the borders so I left it – for now.  Besides I have 3 quilts that need to hand stitch the bindings on.  I thought it was enough for one day.

Learned Today: Some times you need a day to recoup.


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